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Close To Your Heart


01 Close To Your Heart (Original Edit)
02 Close To Your Heart (JX Original Mix)
03 Close To Your Heart (The Immortals Remix)
04 Close To Your Heart (JX Dub)

INFO > Jake Williams’ fourth single, “Close To Your Heart”, leans heavily to the trance spectrum. Williams would later release a couple of other singles before assuming a new identity as Rex The Dog in 2004.

There’s Nothing I Won’t Do


01 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Original Edit)
02 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (JX Original Mix)
03 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Red Jerry & JX Dub)
04 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Carl Cox Full House Remix)
05 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Way Out West Remix)

INFO > I can’t think of a more positive, uplifting, euphoric, energetic, full-on, hands-in-the-air anthem than JX’s “There’s Nothing I Won’t Do”—makes me wanna dance every time I hear it. Featuring vocalist Shèna, the tune was Jake Williams’ biggest hit, reaching 4 on the UK Singles Chart in 1996.

You Belong To Me


01 You Belong To Me (JX & Red Jerry Edit)
02 You Belong To Me (JX & Red Jerry Mix)
03 You Belong To Me (No Respect Remix)
04 You Belong To Me (Sil Remix)
05 You Belong To Me (Peter Parker Remix)
06 You Belong To Me (Sil Dub)

INFO > Jake Williams followed up his hit debut single “Son Of A Gun” with “You Belong To Me” in 1995. On the mix: Ramon Zenker & Jens Lissat and Olav Basoski.

JX – Son Of A Gun

“Son Of A Gun”
1995 Ffrreedom Records (UK)

01. Son Of A Gun (Hooj Radio Edit)
02. Son Of A Gun (JX & Red Jerry Flog The Horse Remix)
03. Son Of A Gun (Blu Peter vs Trigger Bitchin Remix)
04. Son Of A Gun (Candy Girls ‘Where’s The Crack’ Remix)
05. Son Of A Gun (Hooj 12″ Mix)

INFO > Red Jerry gave a young Jake Williams his big break back in 1994 when Hooj Choons released “Son Of A Gun” (HOOJ 23). FFRR reissued JX’s debut single the following year with energetic new mixes from Blu Peter and Paul Masterson.


Planet Perfecto – Bullet In The Gun 2000 (UK Promo)

Planet Perfecto
“Bullet In The Gun 2000”
2000 Perfecto Records/Mushroom Records (UK)

01. Bullet In The Gun 2000 (Radio Mix)
02. Bullet In The Gun 2000 (Club Mix)
03. Bullet In The Gun 2000 (Solarstone Remix)
04. Bullet In The Gun 2000 (Rob Searle Mix)
05. Bullet In The Gun 2000 (RITM’s Spooky Red Ribbon Mix)
06. Bullet In The Gun 2000 (Solarstone Dub)
07. Bullet In The Gun 2000 (RITM’s Bloodhound Gangbangers Mix)

INFO > Produced by Paul Oakenfold, Jake Williams (JX, Mekka), and Ian Masterson (Trouser Enthusiasts), “Bullet In The Gun” was a huge hit when first released in 1999. The following year, Perfecto commissioned new remixes by Solarstone, Rob Searle, and Rabbit In The Moon; this promo includes four mixes not available on the commercial CD single.


2wo Third3 – Hear Me Calling


2wo Third3
“Hear Me Calling”
1994 Epic Records (UK)
660064 2 / 660064 5

01. Hear Me Calling (Single Version) 03:46
02. Hear Me Calling (Hand Bag Jive) 06:36
03. Hear Me Calling (The Ramp Mighty 12″) 06:45
04. Hear Me Calling (D.O.P. No-stal-gia?) 06:27
05. Hear Me Calling (D.O.P. No-stal-gia? Dub) 06:26
06. Hear Me Calling (Hard On – Erect) 05:26
07. Hear Me Calling (Hard On – Upright) 05:57

3 > Remix by Ramp (Shem McCauley & Simon Rogers)
4, 5 > Remix by D.O.P. (Kevin Hurry & Kevin Swain)
6, 7 > Remix by JX and Red Jerry

INFO > 2wo Third3 were the best pop dance act you’ve never heard of. Managed by Tom Watkins (who also guided the careers of Pet Shop Boys, East 17, and Bros), the group consisted of Lee Thomas, Daniel Payne, Victor Scerri, and unseen songwriter Richard “Biff” Stannard (Biff was represented by a cartoon image on product and in videos). Lee’s distinctive voice and Biff’s catchy tunes distinguished 2wo Third3 from lesser dance units of the day, while design firm Form crafted the band’s stylish image and slick packaging. 2wo Third3 were active between 1994 and 1995, issuing only four singles during that period. “Hear Me Calling” was their debut release; tracks from both CD singles are consolidated here.


Nush – U Girls

“U Girls”
1994 Blunted (UK)

01. U Girls (JX Mix)
02. U Girls (Red Jerry’s Hooj Mix)
03. U Girls (Shake It Club Mix)
04. U Girls (Swing Both Ways Mix)

INFO > Danny Harrison and Danny Matlock first teamed up as Congress in 1991, scoring a hit with rave anthem “40 Miles.” As Nush, the Dannys produced a string of classic handbag tracks and remixes between 1992 and 1997, including “U Girls.” Shake that ass!