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Post Post-Modern Man


“Post Post-Modern Man”
1990 Enigma Records (US)
7 75551-2

01 Post Post-Modern Man (Post Post Post-Modern Edit)
02 Post Post-Modern Man (Pre Post Post-Modern Instrumental)
03 Post Post-Modern Man (Album Version)
04 Post Post-Modern Man (Macro Post-Modern Mix)
05 Post Post-Modern Man (Sub Post-Modern Mix)
06 Post Post-Modern Man (Neo Post-Modern Mix)
07 Post Post-Modern Man (Ultra Post-Modern Dub)

“Post Post-Modern Man” was the lone single issued from the Devo’s 1990 album “Smooth Noodle Maps”; Justin Strauss’ remixes give the the track a more electronic sound.

World On Fire (US Promo)


Jane Wiedlin
“World On Fire” (US Promo)
1990 EMI USA (US)
DPRO 4575

01 World On Fire (Single Version)
02 World On Fire (Power Mix)
03 World On Fire (The Justin Strauss Mix)
04 World On Fire (The Galaxy Mix)
05 World On Fire (The Just Right Dub)

Justin Strauss’ ‘Galaxy Mix’ and ‘Just Right Dub’ are digitally exclusive to this US promo of “World On Fire”, the lone single from Jane Wiedlin’s third solo album, “Tangled.”

Tell Me Why

Special thanks to Andrei for sharing this slice of pure pop.


01 Tell Me Why
02 You’re My World
03 Tell Me Why (Extended Remix)
04 Hold On [Money Don’t Buy Love]

INFO > After just one album, Haircut One Hundred frontman Nick Heyward parted ways with the band and went solo in 1983. Following two LPs for Arista, Heyward moved to Warner Brothers and recorded “I Love You Avenue” in 1988. “Tell Me Why” was one of two singles released from that album; Justin Strauss produced the splendid ‘Extended Remix.’

Forgotten Town


01 Forgotten Town (Faded Version)
02 Forgotten Town (Midtown Mix)
03 Forgotten Town (Uptown Mix)

INFO > Brothers Gary, Russell, and Roger Christian, along with Henry Priestman, formed The Christians in 1985. The Liverpudlian ensemble debuted in 1987 with the Laurie Latham produced “Forgotten Town”, which reached 22 on the UK Singles Chart. For its US release, “Forgotten Town” was remixed by Justin Strauss and Murray Elias. As part of the band’s stateside marketing campaign, Island Records pressed promo CDs with sleeve covers personalized for modern rock radio stations in large markets; I recently found a copy branded with the logo of Boston’s now-defunct WFNX.

The Answer (US Promo)


01 The Answer (Just Right Radio Edit)
02 The Answer (5” Radio Mix)
03 The Answer (The Boilerhouse Upsetter Mix)
04 The Answer (Extended Club Mix)
05 The Answer (Album Version)

INFO > Brooklyn born singer-songwriter Garland Jeffreys has blended elements of rock, blues, soul, and reggae into a solo career that now spans over five decades. 1991 single “The Answer” was released in advance of Jeffrey’s eight solo album, “Don’t Call Me Buckwheat”; the song was remixed by fellow New Yorker Justin Strauss and the Boilerhouse team of Ben Wolff & Andy Dean.

Harry Houdini

Today’s musical escape comes courtesy of Andrei.


01 Harry Houdini (New 7″ Edit) 03:49
02 Harry Houdini (UK Pop 12″) 05:56
03 Harry Houdini (UK House 12″) 05:50
04 Harry Houdini (House Dub) 04:54
05 Harry Houdini (House Vocal) 07:07
06 Harry Houdini (Miami Mix) 05:43

INFO > Kon Kan followed up their hit debut “I Beg Your Pardon” with “Harry Houdini.” The 1989 release was remixed by Justin Strauss; consolidated here are unique tracks from the US promo and German CD singles.

One Kiss Per Minute (US Promo)


01 One Kiss Per Minute (12″ Vocal: One Kiss Mix)
02 One Kiss Per Minute (7″ Mix)
03 One Kiss Per Minute (12″ Dub: First Kiss Dub)
04 One Kiss Per Minute (12″ House Mix: Just Right Mix)
05 One Kiss Per Minute (Underground Dub: KPM Mix)
06 One Kiss Per Minute (Instrumental House Mix: Just Right Dub)

INFO > Multi-talented Jaya (born María Luisa Ramsey) has enjoyed a long career and great success in her native homeland, The Philippines. Jaya’s recording career started while she was living in the US; her 1989 debut single “If You Leave Me Now” was produced by freestyle hitmaker Stevie B, and consequently made Jaya the first Filipino musical artist to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Her 1990 follow-up single “One Kiss Per Minute” was produced and remixed by Justin Strauss.

All I Need Is You (US Promo)


01 All I Need Is You (7″ Mix)
02 All I Need Is You (Album Mix)
03 All I Need Is You (U.K. Alternative Mix)
04 All I Need Is You (Red’s Mix)
05 All I Need Is You (Midnite Cake Mix)
06 All I Need Is You (Hood Mix)
07 All I Need Is You (The “Other” Mix)
08 All I Need Is You (Castle Mix)
09 All I Need Is You (Sherwood Forest Dub)
10 All I Need Is You (12″ Alternative Remix)
11 All I Need Is You (U.K. Alternative Mix 2)

Tracks 4 – 9 > Remixed by Chris Cox
Track 10 > Remixed by Justin Strauss

INFO > In 1991, UK pop-rock quartet Blue Train flirted with fame via their debut single “All I Need Is You.” The catchy but forgettable ditty spent several weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and ultimately became a top 40 hit. Unfortunately, significant radio exposure didn’t translate to sales, and the band’s US-based label abandoned them.

The single’s curio value is upped by the participation of a young Chris Cox, who honed his production skills working for DJ services Hot Tracks, DiscoTech, and Razormaid before teaming up with Barry Harris to form Thunderpuss in 1997. “All I Need Is You” includes Cox’s first commercially available mixes, many of which are digitally exclusive to this promo (‘Hood’, ‘Castle’, and ‘Sherwood Forest’ reference the band’s city of origin: Nottingham, England).

NOTE > Tracks 10 and 11 are from a second promo CD, on which the ‘U.K. Alternative Mix’ instrumentation is pitched slightly down, resulting in a different sound and longer duration.

I Can’t Take The Power (US Promo)


01 I Can’t Take The Power (7″ Mix)
02 I Can’t Take The Power (The Justin Strauss Mix)
03 I Can’t Take The Power (Power Bass Mix)
04 I Can’t Take The Power (Riva Mix)

INFO > Jens Lissat and Peter Harder produced five singles as Off-Shore in the early-1990s. Their debut, “I Can’t Take The Power”, was a minor house hit; Justin Strauss’ US remixes were also issued down under by Epic’s Australian arm.

The Only Way Is Up (US CD)


01 The Only Way Is Up (Extended Club Mix)
02 The Only Way Is Up (The Up Up Up Mix)
03 The Only Way Is Up (Acid Dub)

INFO > Vocalist Yasmin ‘Yazz’ Evans guested on Coldcut’s 1988 UK Top 10 single, “Doctorin’ The House”; subsequently, Matt Black and Jonathan More produced Yazz’s debut single, “The Only Way Is Up.” Originally recorded by Otis Clay in 1980, “The Only Way Is Up” was a massive hit for Yazz during the summer of 1988. The US CD single features a unique tracklisting that includes the Extended Version, Bam Bam’s ‘Up Up Up Mix’, and Justin Strauss’ ‘Acid Dub.’