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Stereo MC’s
1993 4th & Broadway (UK)
BRCD 276 / BRCDX 276

01 Creation (7″ Edit)
02 Creation (Instrumental)
03 All Night Long
04 Creation (Slam Stereophonic Dub)
05 Creation (Slam Vocal)*
06 Creation (Ultimatum Mix)
07 Creation (Ultimatum Instrumental)
08 Creation (Ultimatum Dub)
09 Creation (Justin Robertson Instrumental)
10 Creation (Pure Creation Mix)

*Bonus track not on original CD release

Blue Monday-95


01 Blue Monday (Original Mix)
02 Blue Monday (Hardfloor Remix)
03 Blue Monday (Jam & Spoon Manuela Mix)
04 True Faith (Shep Pettibone Mix)
05 1963 (Lionrock Full Throttle Mix)
06 Let’s Go

FACT > On the UK & EU packaging of its 1995 reissue, “Blue Monday” appears as “Blauer Montag”—a clever reference to the track having been remixed exclusively by German producers. This Canadian CD EP includes tracks from “1963”, released as a single the prior year. Note that “Let’s Go” on this release differs slightly from the US version, “Let’s Go (Nothing For Me).”

Let It Slide (UK Promo)

Our friend Rob in the UK has generously donated yet another hard-to-find CD to the MOD cause. Cheers sir!


01 Let It Slide (7″ Edit)
02 Let It Slide (Hitting The Bottle Mix)
03 Every Day Of My Life
04 Heaven
05 Food Wine Food (Full Master)
06 Mustn’t Grumble (God’s Grumble Mix)
07 Rollercoaster (Knees Up Mother Brown Mix)
08 The Chunk (Peace In The Thames Valley Mix)

INFO > Ariel was formed in 1990 by London school mates Mathew Berry, Brendan Melck, and Tom Rowlands. The trio released a couple of singles on different labels before signing with Deconstruction in 1991. Decon demanded that the lads add a lady to the mix, so vocalist Sally Ann Marsh was enlisted; Marsh had recently had a hit with “Move Your Body”, recorded with Richie Malone as Xpansions. 1993’s “Let It Slide” was Ariel’s swan song—the promo CD includes all four tracks from the commercial release; earlier singles “Rollercoaster” and “Mustn’t Grumble”; and digitally exclusive tunes “Food Wine Food” and “The Chunk” from a promo 12 inch. After Ariel disbanded, Tom Rowlands focused full-time on his other, slightly more successful project with Ed Simons.

Texas Cowboys


01 Texas Cowboys (Master Mix)
02 Rise
03 Texas Cowboys (High Plains Prankster Mix)
04 Cheerleader Song
05 Texas Cowboys (Edit)*

*Bonus track


01 Texas Cowboys (Radio Mix)
02 Texas Cowboys (Ricochet Mix)
03 Texas Cowboys (Pistols At Dawn Mix)
04 Texas Cowboys (Pistols At Dawn Dub)
05 Texas Cowboys (High Plains Prankster Mix)
06 Texas Cowboys (Low Plains Prankster Mix)

INFO > “Texas Cowboys” was Dave Ball & Richard Norris’ first release for Deconstruction under their guise as The Grid. The novelty techno tune served well as a template for the duo’s follow-up, “Swamp Thing.” In the wake of that banjo-driven hit, Deconstruction reissued “Texas Cowboys” in 1994 with a couple of new mixes. Not to be overlooked on the original EP are “Rise” and “Cheerleader Song”, the latter featuring Guy Barker.

The Complete Intoxication


01 Intoxication (Original)
02 Intoxication (Clubfield Mix)
03 Intoxication (Dubfield Mix)
04 Intoxication (Rhythm Trance Mix)
05 Intoxication (Lionrock Hoe Down Mix)


01 Intoxication (John Digweed & Nick Muir’s Radio Edit)
02 Intoxication (John Digweed & Nick Muir’s Bedrock Mix)
03 Intoxication (Justin Robertson’s Lionrock Hoe Down Mix)
04 Intoxication (Leftfield’s Clubfield Mix)
05 Intoxication (Danny Howells’ & Shango’s Unknown DJ Mix)

INFO > React 2 Rhythm’s 1991 single “Intoxication” is a defining progressive house classic, due to Leftfield’s dancefloor-ready remixes (Justin Robertson’s mixes ain’t bad, either). In 1997, the release was again reworked for Jackpot’s Guerilla reissue project.

Funky Guitar


01 Funky Guitar (Lionrock Inna Milanese Stylee)
02 Funky Guitar (Lionrock Dub Excellence)
03 Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Mix)
04 Funky Guitar (Sure Shot Deep Mix)
05 Funky Guitar (Lionrock Milanese Instrumental)

INFO > Between 1991 and 1995, the Italian team of Luciano Bericchia, Roberto Biffi, Corrado Foresti, and Marco Frattini produced a single annually under the moniker ‘TC’, followed by the year of release (the quartet also records as FPI Project). Their 1992 release, “Funky Guitar”, was reworked by the most excellent Justin Robertson in his Lionrock guise.

Crystal Clear


01 Crystal Clear (Prankster Prophet Edit)
02 Crystal Clear (Prankster Prophet Mix)
03 Crystal Clear (Prankster Trance Dance)
04 Crystal Clear (Trimar Mix)
05 Crystal Clear (Clear, Like An Unmuddied Lake)
06 Crystal Clear (The Crystal Clear Water Revival)

INFO > “Crystal Clear” was Richard Norris and Dave Ball’s final release for Virgin; the duo signed with Deconstruction afterwards. Justin Robertson’s upbeat dance mixes are balanced by The Orb’s liquid ambiance; however, for me, it’s The Grid’s trance-funk ‘Trimar Mix’ that does the business.

Happy Mondays – Sunshine & Love

01 Sunshine & Love (Lionrock Mix No. 1) 07:18
02 Judge Fudge (12″) 06:18
03 Staying Alive (12″) 05:28
04 24 Hour Party People (M People Remix) 04:54
05 Sunshine & Love (Single Version) 04:02

FACT > “Sunshine & Love” (FAC 272) was the last record released by Factory; the label ceased operations two weeks after the single hit shops in November 1992. The US issue includes the unedited Dave Bascombe single remix—given the disturbing proliferation of gun-related violence plaguing Manchester at the time, the third verse with the line “So get me an Uzi and someone to use it who smiles” was removed from UK and EU releases. B-side aside: the Mondays’ version of “Staying Alive” is one of the coolest covers ever (and it was almost a single, allocated catalog number FAC 352).

Finitribe – Forevergreen

1993 Epic Records (US)
49K 74433

01. Forevergreen (Foreveregocentric Vocal Edit)
02. Forevergreen (Lunar Eclipse Mix)
03. Forevergreen (Extended Mix)
04. Forevergreen (Sunrise Mix)
05. Forevergreen (Forever Dreaming Mix)
06. 101 (Intensity Mix)
07. Forevergreen (Forevermost Excellent Edit)*

*Bonus track

INFO > Formed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1984, the first incarnation of Fini Tribe included David Miller, Philip Pinsky, John Vick, Simon McGlynn, Thomas McGregor, and vocalist Chris Connelly. The group’s original sound owed more to guitars than keyboards, but their style rapidly evolved into sample-laden industrial dance. After a brief period with Chicago’s Wax Trax label, the group slimmed down to the trio of Miller, Pinsky, and Vick, and signed with One Little Indian. An unrealized utopian future forms the theme of “Forevergreen”, the last of three singles released from Finitribe’s third album, “An Unexpected Groovy Treat.”


Republica – Bloke (UK Promo)


1994 Deconstruction Records (UK)

01. Bloke (Extended Mix)
02. Bloke (Blame It On The Vodka Mix)
03. Bloke (Jack Daniels Mix)
04. Out Of This World (Republica Mix)
05. Out Of This World (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
06. Out Of This World (The Prankster Bends The Frequency Mix)

INFO > Vocalist Saffron (Samantha Sprackling) briefly fronted N-Joi before staking out a solo career, releasing a handful of singles through Warner Music. In 1993, she hooked up with former Weekender keyboardist Tim Dorney and studio whiz Andy Todd to form Republica. This UK promo couples the band’s first two singles: vinyl only “Out Of This World” and follow-up “Bloke.” The Chem Bros remix and dub of “Out Of This World” resurfaced later on 1997’s “Drop Dead Gorgeous”; however, the band’s original version and Justin Robertson’s mix are digital exclusives here.