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Anomaly [Calling Your Name]


01 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Granny’s 7″ Edit)
02 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Original Mix)
03 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Granny’s Epicure Remix)
04 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Evolution’s Autodub Remix)
05 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (The Forth’s Remix)


01 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Ferry Corsten Remix Edit)
02 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Quivver Remix)
03 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Ferry Corsten 12″ Remix)

INFO > In 1995, Libra (Brian Transeau) and Taylor (Myles Glenn Wooten) collaborated on one-off single “Anomaly [Calling Your Name]”, issued through the Musicnow imprint. The track features vocals sampled from “The Prayer”, a B-side on Jan Johnston’s second single, “Paris.” The following year, Platipus licensed the track, gave it the remix treatment, and produced a hit, after which Jan Johnston went from unknown folk singer to in-demand dancefloor diva. Further remixes followed in 2000.

Take Me By The Hand


01 Take Me By The Hand (Radio Edit)
02 Take Me By The Hand (Vocal)
03 Take Me By The Hand (Deep Mix)
04 Take Me By The Hand (I’ll Come With You Dub)
05 Take Me By The Hand (Instrumental)

INFO > Licensed from Greenlight Recordings by AM:PM in 1997, “Take Me By The Hand” is a one-off single produced by Victor Imbres as Sub•Merge, and featuring Jan Johnston on vocals.

Remember (US CD)


01 Remember (Album Edit)
02 Remember (Mood II Swing Remix)
03 Remember (Sasha’s Remix)
04 Remember (BT Blue Memory Dub)
05 Remember (Paul van Dyk’s Recollected Remix)
06 Remember (Mood II Swing Dub)
07 Remember (Single Mix)
08 Love, Peace And Grease (BT’s Puma Fila Mix)

INFO > A single featuring Brian Transeau, Paul van Dyk, AND Sasha was a wet dream for epic house fans in the 1990s, and the addition of Mood II Swing mixes only sweetened the deal. The US issue of BT’s “Remember” conveniently consolidates most of the material from both UK singles; however, PvD’s ‘Totally Recalled Remix’ was dropped in favor of BT’s remix of “Love, Peace And Grease.”

Jan Johnston – Silent Words (UK Promo)

Jan Johnston
“Silent Words”
2001 Perfecto Records/Mushroom Records (UK)

01. Silent Words (Paul Oakenfold Single Edit) 02:57
02. Silent Words (Mekka & Monoboy Radio Mix) 02:58
03. Silent Words (Mekka & Monoboy Remix) 08:34
04. Silent Words (Lyric & Natali Mix 1) 09:30
05. Silent Words (Solarstone Instumental) 09:25
06. Silent Words (Lyric & Natali Mix 2) 08:26


Jan Johnston – Flesh (UK Promo)

Jan Johnston
2001 Perfecto Records/Mushroom Records (UK)

01. Flesh (Paul Oakenfold’s Radio Edit) 03:53
02. Flesh (DJ Tiesto Mix) 07:58
03. Flesh (Tilt’s Going Home Mix) 10:49
04. Flesh (Tilt’s Going Home Dub) 10:16

INFO > Jan Johnston went from unknown folk singer to international dancefloor diva after Brian Transeau discovered one of her singles in the bargain bin of a Manchester record shop. BT sampled Johnston’s “The Prayer” for “Anomaly – Calling Your Name”; following the success of that single, Johnston’s vocals were sought after by many trance producers. Among them—Paul Oakenfold, who signed Johnston to Perfecto, where she recorded several singles and an unreleased album, “Emerging.” (anyone out there have a copy?)