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Fluke – Bubble

1994 Circa Records Ltd (UK)
YRCD 110

01. Bubble (Speechbubble) 06:40
02. Bubble (Stuntbubble) 07:40
03. Bubble (Burstbubble) 07:28

INFO > “Bubble” was a stopgap single released between Fluke’s “Six Wheels On My Wagon” and “Oto” albums. The track features all the classic Fluke trademarks: elastic bassline, mysterious lyrics, rough vocals, and that magnificent panoramic sound.

“Moody muttering and chanting plus some yowling guitar gives indie-rock-pop appeal to the 0-129.9-0 bpm Speechbubble vocal of this drumkit throbbed, synth pulsed and vocoder droned fluttery haunting progressive groove, with further Stuntbubble, Braillebubble and Burstbubble versions.”

James Hamilton, DJ Magazine, No. 113, 28 April – 11 May 1994


James Hamilton

Today I pay tribute to the late, great James Hamilton. That name will likely be more familiar to those in the UK, as James contributed to several popular British music publications between 1975 and 1995. Hamilton had been a disc jockey since 1963, spinning a wide variety of music in London and New York nightclubs. in 1975, he started reviewing disco singles for Record Mirror, but rather than provide opinionated commentaries, Hamilton developed a unique lexicon to accurately describe the way a record sounded. His brilliant use of onomatopoeia transformed written words into synth stabs, percussive breaks, and diva wailing that readers could ‘hear’ without actually listening to the songs. Additionally, starting in 1979 Hamilton included the beats per minute for all the singles he reviewed, which was a revolutionary concept at the time. I first encountered Hamilton’s legendary BPM column during his tenure at DJ Magazine in the early 1990s and was immediately hooked by his inimitable style. Unfortunately, I had discovered his talent too late as James sadly succumbed to cancer in 1996.

Here’s a very heartfelt and insightful essay about James Hamilton written by Mike Slater: The Step-stepfather

Mr. Hamilton also crops up in discussion forums on the DiscoMusic and DJHistory websites.

My next post includes a vintage James Hamilton review from 1994. Enjoy.