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Inaura – Coma Aroma

“Coma Aroma”
1996 EMI Records (UK)
CDEM 421

01. Coma Aroma (Radio Edit)
02. Balaam
03. Gone In The Wind
04. Coma Aroma (Perfecto Mix 12″)

INFO > Inaura were part of the mid-90s Romantic Modernism (Romo) movement in the UK, an indie sub-genre which drew its stylistic influences from disco, glam, and New Romantics of the early-1980s. Paul Oakenfold’s old studio partner Steve Osborne produced most of the band’s material, including this 1996 single which features Perfecto mixes popular in Romo meccas Club Skinny and Arcadia.

Coma Aroma
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