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01 Yim (Hybrid Radio Edit)
02 Yim (Original Radio Edit)
03 Yim (Qattara Mix)
04 Yim (Hybrid’s Sunrise Remix)
05 Yim (Graham Gold Mix)
06 Yim (Original Tel Aviv Club 12″)

INFO > Released in 1998, “Yim” is a one-off single from Israeli producers Jez Ansell and Sharon Choopie Freundlich. The track’s lyrics are from 17th century Hebrew poem “Im Nin’alu” by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, most famously set to song by Ofra Haza:

Im nin’alu daltei n’divim
daltei marom lo nin’alu.

Even if the gates of the rich are closed,
the gates of heaven will never be closed.

Kinetic (1998)


01 Kinetic (Rhythm Masters Melodic Radio Edit)
02 Kinetic (Slacker’s Psychokinetic Mix)
03 Kinetic (Orbital Mix)
04 Kinetic (Hybrid’s Audiopyrotechnix Mix)

INFO > Techno classic “Kinetic” is a one-off single produced by Michael Hazell with Paul Hartnoll, who gave the track an overtly Orbital feel. Originally released in 1992 on R & S Records, “Kinetic” was licensed by Distinct’ive for a 1998 reissue, featuring remixes by Rhythm Masters, Slacker, Hybrid, and Orbital.

HELP > Looking for the 1993 UK single and the two Dutch singles from 1999 and 2000. Please feel free to share the wealth if you have any of those. Thanks.

BT – Godspeed

1999 Musicnow Records (US)

01. Godspeed (BT Edit)
02. Godspeed (BT 12″ Mix)
03. Godspeed (Memnon Mix)
04. Godspeed (Hybrid Mix)
05. Godspeed (Hybrid Dub)
06. Godspeed (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
07. Godspeed (Thumper! Higher Kick Remix)

INFO > “Godspeed” is one of the many highlights from BT’s third album, “Movement In Still Life.” The Memnon mix is exclusive to this US single release.


Musique Vs U2 – New Year’s Dub (UK Promo)

Musique Vs U2
“New Year’s Dub”
2001 Serious Records (UK)

01. New Years Dub (7″ Radio Edit) [8 Bar Breakdown] 02:56
02. New Years Dub (7″ Radio Edit) [16 Bar Breakdown] 03:13
03. New Years Dub (Original 12″ Mix) 09:07
04. New Years Dub (Hybrid Mix) 11:03
05. New Years Dub (Steve Lawler Mix) 08:37
06. New Years Dub (Mauro Picotto Club Mix) 08:38
07. New Years Dub (DJ Elite Remix) 06:43
08. New Years Dub (Skynet Remix) 07:50

INFO > Produced by Nick Hanson and Moose, this “New Year’s Day” sampling house stomper received official approval by Dublin’s most famous sons. It’s not the first time that guitar riff has been ‘borrowed’ since the single’s original release in 1983 (Island UK, WIP 6848); plenty of covers, remixes, and mash-ups have appeared over the past three decades.