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You’ll Be Sorry (CA Promo)

The Human League
“You’ll Be Sorry”
2002 Papillon Records (CA)
LMCD 0302-2 DJ

01 You’ll Be Sorry (Original Version)
02 You’ll Be Sorry (Radio Mix)
03 You’ll Be Sorry (Black & Blue Mix)
04 You’ll Be Sorry (Dub Mix)
05 You’ll Be Sorry (Karaoke Mix)

Stay With Me Tonight

The Human League
“Stay With Me Tonight”
1996 EastWest (UK)

01 Stay With Me Tonight (Single Version)
02 Stay With Me Tonight (Space Kittens Vocal Mix)
03 Stay With Me Tonight (Space Kittens Future Dub)
04 Stay With Me Tonight (The Biff & Memphis Remix)
05 Stay With Me Tonight (The Biff & Memphis Dub Mix)

Love Me Madly?


01 Love Me Madly? (Zenn Eternal Countdown Edit)
02 Love Me Madly? (Dave Bascombe Mix)
03 Love Me Madly? (Voice Of Buddha Remix)
04 Love Me Madly? (Cuzco Remix)

INFO > The Human League’s eighth album “Secrets” suffered commercially from lack of promotion and the untimely bankruptcy of releasing label Papillon in 2001. After a chance meeting with Phil Oakey, Dutch DJ/producer Michiel van Bokhorst was able to acquire the master tapes for “Secrets” album track “Love Me Madly?” and create a white label remix. Additional mixes were produced, and van Bokhorst negotiated an official release in 2003 through his Nukove imprint.

Filling Up With Heaven


01 Filling Up With Heaven
02 Filling Up With Heaven (Neil McLellan Vocal Mix)
03 John Cleese: Is He Funny? (ULA Remix)
04 John Cleese: Is He Funny? (Self Preservation Society House Mix)
05 Filling Up With Heaven (Hardfloor Vocal Remix)
06 Filling Dub With Heaven (Hardfloor Remix)
07 Filling Up With Heaven (Neil McLellan Club Mix)
08 Filling Up With Heaven (ULA Remix)

INFO > Third of three singles released from The Human League’s 1995 album, “Octopus.” On the mix: Neil McClellan, Andy Gray, Dave Valentine, and Hardfloor. And yes, John Cleese is funny.

One Man In My Heart


01 One Man In My Heart
02 One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Extended)
03 One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Unplugged)
04 These Are The Days (Sonic Radiation)
05 These Are The Days (Ba Ba Mix)
06 These Are The Days (Overworld Mix)
07 These Are The Days (Man With No Name Vocal)
08 One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Nasty Sue Mix)

INFO > Following the failure of The Human League’s 1990 album “Romantic?”, the band was unceremoniously dumped by longtime label Virgin. Remaining members Phil Oakey, Joanne Catherall, and Susan Sulley shopped demos around and attracted the interest of EastWest, which signed the League in 1994. Former Tears For Fears keyboardist Ian Stanley produced The Human League’s seventh LP “Octopus”, which spawned three successful singles. Romantic ballad “One Man In My Heart” was the album’s second single and the first from the band to feature a female lead vocal.