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Happy Mondays – Sunshine & Love

01 Sunshine & Love (Lionrock Mix No. 1) 07:18
02 Judge Fudge (12″) 06:18
03 Staying Alive (12″) 05:28
04 24 Hour Party People (M People Remix) 04:54
05 Sunshine & Love (Single Version) 04:02

FACT > “Sunshine & Love” (FAC 272) was the last record released by Factory; the label ceased operations two weeks after the single hit shops in November 1992. The US issue includes the unedited Dave Bascombe single remix—given the disturbing proliferation of gun-related violence plaguing Manchester at the time, the third verse with the line “So get me an Uzi and someone to use it who smiles” was removed from UK and EU releases. B-side aside: the Mondays’ version of “Staying Alive” is one of the coolest covers ever (and it was almost a single, allocated catalog number FAC 352).

Happy Mondays – Wrote For Luck (US Promo)

Happy Mondays
“Wrote For Luck”
1989 Elektra Records (US)
PR 8060-2

01. Wrote For Luck (Radio Mix)
02. Wrote For Luck (Dance Mix)
03. Wrote For Luck (Club Mix)

FACT > Following a 1982 departure fueled by financial differences, producer Martin Hannett returned to the Factory fold in 1988 and joined Happy Mondays in the studio. The union resulted in some of the group’s finest work, including 1988 album “Bummed”, the “Madchester Rave On” EP, and classic singles “Lazyitis” (with Karl Denver) and “Wrote For Luck.”

Happy Mondays – Step On

Happy Mondays
“Step On”
1991 Factory Communications Ltd (UK)
FACD 272 / FAC 272-7

01. Step On (Stuff It In Mix) 05:53
02. Step On (One Louder Mix) 06:14
03. Step On (Twistin My Melon Mix) 5:55
04. Step On (Stuff It In Mix Edit) 04:18
05. Step On (One Louder Mix Edit) 04:23
06. Step On (US Dub It In Mix) 04:41

FACT > Last week, I posted the ’91 reissue of “Step On.” Here’s the original 1990 single (12″ and 7″) featuring Oakenfold & Osborne’s brilliantly baggy mixes. Included as a bonus is the ‘US Dub It In Mix’ from Elektra US 12″ 0-66624. Special thanks to Andrei for sharing tracks 5 and 6.


Happy Mondays – Step On (US Mix)

Happy Mondays
“Step On”
1991 Factory Communications Ltd/London Records (UK)
869 413-2

01. Step On (US Mix/Remix ’91) 04:25
02. Step On (US Dub Mix) 05:54
03. Loose Fix (Remixed By The Grid) 08:03
04. Hallelujah (Oakenfold Remix Edit) 03:47

FACT > This cover of John Kongos’ 1971 single “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” was a massive hit for the Mondays in 1990. The tune was remixed and reissued the following year; this CD single includes three digital exclusives: Oakenfold & Osborne’s dub; The Grid’s rework of “Loose Fit”; and the edited ‘Club Mix’ of “Hallelujah.”

UPDATE > With the help of blog regular Andrei, it was discovered that there are two variations of this single with the same catalog code: (1) a numbered, limited edition pressing of 3,000 that includes the ‘One Louder Mix Edit’ and the ‘US Dub It In Mix’ (from the 1990 Elektra US 12″); and (2) an unnumbered version (as posted here) that properly features Steve Osborne’s ‘US Mix’ and the ‘US Dub Mix.’ Refer to this post for the digital exclusive tracks from the limited edition CD.


Happy Mondays – Stinkin Thinkin

Happy Mondays
“Stinkin Thinkin”
1992 Factory Communications Ltd (UK)
FACD 362

01. Stinkin Thinkin (Stephen Hague 7″)
02. Stinkin Thinkin (Boy’s Own Mix)
03. Baby Big Head
04. Stinkin Thinkin (Junior Style)

FACT > Farley and Heller’s Junior Style mix makes this one a keeper; there’s no trace of the original tune, mind you—just a killer groove and great vocal hooks.

And after all these years, I only recently learned that producer Stephen Hague is American. Given his seminal work with many notable UK bands (OMD, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Erasure), I had always assumed he was British or European. Go figure.


Happy Mondays – Loose Fit

Happy Mondays
“Loose Fit”
1991 Factory Communications Ltd (UK) / London Records (EU)
FACD 312 / 869 319-2

01. Loose Fit (12″ Remix) 05:59
02. Bob’s Yer Uncle (12″ Remix) 06:22
03. Kinky Groovy Afro (Euromix Edit) 04:17
04. Loose Fit (Edit) 03:58
05. Bob’s Yer Tune (The Grid Remix)* 06:53
06. Kinky Groovy Afro (Euromix) 07:33

*Bonus track

FACT > As the collection featured in the prior post lacks a contribution from seminal Madchester band Happy Mondays, here’s a fine offering from Mr. Shaun Ryder and company. Oakenfold and Osborne build on their original productions, while Pete Lorimer takes “Kinky Afro” in a different direction.