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Little Bullet

“Little Bullet”
1993 Guerilla Records (UK)

01 Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix)
02 Little Bullet (Gargantuan Mix)
03 Little Bullet (Dum Dum Mix)

Obsession (1998)


01 Obsession (StoneBridge ’98 Recon Radio)
02 Obsession (StoneBridge ’98 Recon)
03 Obsession (Danny Howells & Shango Illogical Infactuation Mix)
04 Obsession (The Throbjam Mix)

INFO > David Farrow & William Owen’s lone single as Fuzzy Logic was “Obsession”, released through Guerilla Records in 1992. The track was dusted off by the Jackpot label in 1998, and remixed by Sten Hallström and Danny Howells & Shango (Robin Green & Mark Durham). The Scandinavian CD includes William Orbit’s ‘Throbjam Mix.’

You Make Me Feel So Good (1997)


01 You Make Me Feel So Good (Girl Eats Boy Drunk On Funk Mix)
02 You Make Me Feel So Good (Ernie & Bert Deep ‘N’ Hard Mix)
03 You Make Me Feel So Good (Blue Amazon’s Electramind Mix)
04 You Make Me Feel So Good (The Project Mix)

INFO > As Drum Club, Charlie Hall and Lol Hammond produced six singles, two LPs, a live album, and a couple dozen remixes before parting ways in 1996. The duo’s debut single was “U Make Me Feel So Good”, released on Guerilla Records in 1992, and remixed and reissued by Jackpot in 1997.

The Complete Intoxication


01 Intoxication (Original)
02 Intoxication (Clubfield Mix)
03 Intoxication (Dubfield Mix)
04 Intoxication (Rhythm Trance Mix)
05 Intoxication (Lionrock Hoe Down Mix)


01 Intoxication (John Digweed & Nick Muir’s Radio Edit)
02 Intoxication (John Digweed & Nick Muir’s Bedrock Mix)
03 Intoxication (Justin Robertson’s Lionrock Hoe Down Mix)
04 Intoxication (Leftfield’s Clubfield Mix)
05 Intoxication (Danny Howells’ & Shango’s Unknown DJ Mix)

INFO > React 2 Rhythm’s 1991 single “Intoxication” is a defining progressive house classic, due to Leftfield’s dancefloor-ready remixes (Justin Robertson’s mixes ain’t bad, either). In 1997, the release was again reworked for Jackpot’s Guerilla reissue project.

Jackpot Presents Guerilla EP


01 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Carl Cox & PvD Radio Mix)
02 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Carl Cox & PvD Mix)
03 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Atlas’ 1st Addition Mix)
04 Tenth Chapter – Whiteland
05 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Girl Eats Boy Mix)
06 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Ernie & Bert Mix)
07 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Blue Amazon Mix)
08 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (The Project Mix)
09 React 2 Rhythm – Intoxication (Leftfield’s Clubfield Mix)

INFO > Exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, this 1997 release combines two remixed Guerilla singles issued by Jackpot, with a React 2 Rhythm track tacked on for good measure.



01 Persuasion (Seven Inch Mix)
02 Persuasion (D.O.P. Mix)
03 Persuasion (Chameleon Dub)
04 Persuasion (Chameleon Mix)
05 Persuasion (Original Version)
06 Persuasion (SpookyBillie’s Ventriloquist Mix)

INFO > Throbbing Gristle cover “Persuasion” was intended for inclusion on Electribe 101’s second album, which went unreleased. In 1993, Billie Ray Martin re-recorded the song with Charlie May and Duncan Forbes; the single was released via Guerilla with remixes by Kevin Hurry & Kevin Swain.

Dance Your Socks Off


01 Hear I Go
02 Non Stop
03 Feels Real Good
04 Trance Europe Express
05 Oh Yeah (Chameleon Mix)

INFO > This 1993 EP was produced by Kevin Hurry and Kevin Swain as Dance Only Productions.

Various Artists – At The Moment Of Impact

Various Artists
“At The Moment Of Impact”
1993 Guerilla Records (UK)

01. Spooky – Land Of Oz (D.O.P. Remix Part 1)
02. Spooky – Land Of Oz (D.O.P. Remix Part 2)
03. D.O.P. – Groovy Beat (Acorn Arts Remix Part 1)
04. D.O.P. – Groovy Beat (Acorn Arts Remix Part 2)
05. Supereal – Body Medusa (D.I.Y. Remix Part 1)
06. Supereal – Body Medusa (D.I.Y. Remix Part 2)
07. The Chameleon Project – Feel (Spooky Remix Part 1)
08. The Chameleon Project – Feel (Spooky Remix Part 2)

INFO > This 1993 EP offers then-new remixes of four classic Guerilla singles.

At The Moment Of Impact

Abfahrt – Come Into My Life

“Come Into My Life”
1993 Guerilla Records (UK)

01. Come Into My Life (Milesee’s Radio Edit)
02. Come Into My Life (Hart Fab Mix)
03. Come Into My Life (Exploding Plastic Inevitable Mix)
04. Come Into My Life (Exploding Plastic Instrumental)
05. Come Into My Life (S.M.I².L.E. Version)*

*Bonus track

INFO > “Come Into My Life” was the second of only two singles produced by the German trio of Jens Zimmermann, Jürgen Katzmann, and Torsten Fenslau under the name Abfahrt. The same crew also released a one-off single as Tyrell Corp. in 1990, and experienced international commercial success as Culture Beat. Guerilla licensed the original version of “Come Into My Life” (included as a bonus here) for the 1993 compilation “Narcosis”, and then reissued the single with new mixes from Orbital and David Holmes. Sadly, producer Torsten Fenslau was killed in an auto accident in 1993, lost far too soon at the age of 29.

Come Into My Life

Tenth Chapter – Prologue (1997)

Tenth Chapter
“Prologue” (1997)
1997 Jackpot Records (UK)
CD WIN 024

01. Prologue (The Carl Cox & Paul van Dyk Radio Mix)
02. Prologue (The Carl Cox & Paul van Dyk Mix)
03. Prologue (Atlas’ 1st Addition Mix)
04. Whiteland

INFO > As Tenth Chapter, Nathan Cable and Terry Spencer Hopkins produced two singles for Guerilla and then two more for Jackpot. This release bridges those label associations, featuring a new remix of Guerilla-era single “Prologue”, along with the duo’s final track, “Whiteland”, which was also issued as a single-sided 10″.