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Glam – Hell’s Party

“Hell’s Party”
1993 6 x 6 Records (UK)

01. Hell’s Party (7″ Edit)
02. Hell’s Party (12″ Mix)
03. Hell’s Party (Herbie’s Remix)
04. Hell’s Party (Disco Ital Mix)
05. Hell’s Party (Bump Club Mix)
06. Hell’s Party (Bump House Dub)

INFO > “If there’s a Hell below, we’re all gonna go,” sang Curtis Mayfield in 1970, observing the volatile state of race relations in the United States. Two decades later, Afrika Bambaataa teamed up with Adamski to record “Hell Below”, from which the line, “If there’s Hell below, you’re all gonna go,” was sampled for Glam’s “Hell’s Party.” Not long after the release of “Hell’s Party”, much of that tune was appropriated for Urban Cookie Collective’s “The Key, The Secret,” prompting a UK reissue of Glam’s Italo house anthem. Featuring remixes by Marc Auerbach & Steve Travell, “Hell’s Party” was the first single released by 6 x 6 Records.

NOTE > If anyone has Afrika Bambaataa & Adamski’s “Hell Below” (1992 ZYX Music, ZYX 6835-8), I’d be much obliged for a decent rip.