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Chronologie Part 6 (Remixes)


Jean-Michel Jarre
“Chronologie Part 6 (Remixes)”
1994 Polydor/Disques Dreyfus (UK)

01 Chronologie Part 6 (Slam Mix 1)
02 Chronologie Part 6 (Slam Mix 2)
03 Chronologie Part 6 (Main Mix)
04 Chronologie Part 6 (Alternate Mix)
05 Chronologie Part 6 (Original Mix)

The son of film composer Maurice Jarre, Jean-Michel Jarre is a pioneering legend in electronic music. Jarre’s career spans 50 years—he played guitar in French bands before turning his interest toward musique concrète. Recorded in 1969, Jarre’s first single, “La Cage”, was not released until 1971, given disinterest from most labels at the time. While he earned a living in the early-1970s composing music for theater, ballet, film, TV, and adverts, Jarre would find international fame in 1977 with the album “Oxygène”, which would go on to sell 15 million copies.

“Chronologie Part 6”, from Jarre’s 1993 LP “Chronologie”, was remixed by prog house titans Slam and Gat Decor for a 1994 UK release.

This May, Jean-Michel Jarre embarks on his first-ever tour of North America, with nine dates in Canada and the US:

05/09/17: Toronto, ON – Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
05/11/17: Montreal, QC – Bell Centre
05/16/17: Boston, MA – Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
05/18/17: Upper Darby, PA – Tower Theatre
05/20/17: New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall
05/22/17: Chicago, IL – Auditorium Theatre
05/24/17: Broomfield, CO – 1st Bank Center
05/26/17: Berkeley, CA – The Greek Theatre
05/27/17: Los Angeles, CA – Microsoft Theater

Eyes On A Summer Day


01 Eyes On A Summer Day (Shorter Version)
02 Eyes On A Summer Day (Acorn Arts Dub)
03 Eyes On A Summer Day (Longer Version)
04 Eyes On A Summer Day (Gat Decor Mix)
05 Eyes On A Summer Day (Taste It Mix)
06 Eyes On A Summer Day (Acorn Arts Vocal)

INFO > “Eyes On A Summer Day” was the second of only two singles issued by The Good Strawberries, a brief project that the participating band members likely leave off their resumes. The Dutch release includes prog house remixes from Acorn Arts and Gat Decor; additional reworks from Gary Hughes and Blag feature on the two UK CD singles. After The Good Strawberries parted ways, Rick Simmonds teamed up with Stephen Jones to produce trance records under various guises.



01 Passion (Naked Mix Edit) 04:22
02 Passion (Darren Emerson Edit) 03:28
03 Passion (Naked Mix) 07:43
04 Passion (Darren Emerson Mix) 14:08
05 Passion (Of Your Passion Edit) 03:51
06 Passion (Of Your Passion) 07:47

INFO > Simon Slater’s initial foray into production was “Feel So Good”, released under the alias Life in 1989. Three years would pass before Slater’s next effort: progressive house template “Passion”, issued as Gat Decor. The peculiar moniker is an anagram of Tag Records, a London music shop and label owned by Simon Hanson and Laurence Nelson, who were also the proprietors of Effective Records, through which “Passion” was released. In addition to its status as a club classic, the single is also notable for featuring Darren Emerson’s first remix.

Country & Western – Positive Energy

Country & Western
“Positive Energy”
1993 Zebra Records (Netherlands)
ZZZ 301-2

01. Positive Energy (Radio Mix)
02. Reincarnation
03. Positive Energy (Original Mix)
04. Positive Energy (Gat Decor Mix)

INFO > Jochem Paap and Philippe Haex’s foray into prog house produced the passable “Positive Energy”, which was far more memorable for flip side, “Reincarnation.”

Positive Energy

Gat Decor – Passion (1996)

Gat Decor
1996 DanceNet (AU)

01. Passion (Do You Want It Right Now Edit) 04:12
02. Passion (Original Naked Mix) 07:43
03. Passion (Original Naked Mix Edit) 04:21
04. Passion (Do You Want It Right Now Mix) 07:29
05. Passion (Mr. Roy Full On Mix) 06:43
06. Passion (Junior Vasquez X Beat Instrumental) 09:44
07. Passion (No Zero Mix) 08:07

INFO > Originally released through Effective Records in 1992, Simon Slater’s progressive house masterpiece, “Passion,” was dusted off in 1996 for re-release on Way Of Life. In addition to requisite remixes, the reissue was built on a new vocal version with Beverli Skeete singing Degrees Of Motion’s “Do You Want It Right Now” over the original (a travesty, to be sure). This Australian issue includes selected mixes from both UK CD singles.

Passion (1996)