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Two Tribes

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (1994)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
“Two Tribes”
1994 ZTT Records (UK)

01. Two Tribes (Fluke’s Minimix)
02. Two Tribes (Don’t Want To Die)
03. Two Tribes (Fluke’s Magimix)
04. Two Tribes (Fluke’s Magimix Instrumental)
05. Two Tribes (Hibakusha Mix)
06. Two Tribes (Annihilation Mix)

INFO > Frankie’s 1984 smash single was reworked a decade later by Fluke as part of Zang Tumb Tumm’s reissue campaign associated with “Bang!… The Greatest Hits.”


Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasuredome (1993)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
“Welcome To The Pleasuredome”
1993 ZTT Records (UK)

01. Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Original 7 Inch)
02. Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
03. Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Elevatorman’s Club Mix)
04. Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Pleasurefix Mix)

INFO > The title track from Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s 1984 debut, “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” was also that album’s fourth single (ZTAS 7). Following three chart topping singles, “Pleasuredome” was promoted as “their fourth number one,” but stalled at 2 in the UK charts. All four of the debut album’s singles were remixed and reissued in 1993/1994, in conjunction with the release of “Bang!… The Greatest Hits.”