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01 Happiness (7″ Mix)
02 Happiness (Forthright Club Mix)
03 Happiness (Forthright Dub)
04 Happiness (Claudio Coccolutto Mix)
05 Happiness (Boxcar Down Under Mix)

INFO > While best known as Pet Shop Boys’ longtime studio technician, Pete Gleadall has also produced original material and remixes under the name Forthright. Released in 1996, “Happiness” was Gleadall’s third artist single, and features remixes from Claudio Coccolutto and Boxcar.

Everything She Wants ’98


01 Everything She Wants (George Michael Mix)
02 Everything She Wants (Todd Terry Club Mix)
03 Everything She Wants (Todd Terry Radio Edit)
04 Everything She Wants (Forthright Club Mix)
05 Everything She Wants (Forthright Club Mix – BRAT Edit)

INFO > To promote the 1997 hits collection, “The Best of Wham!”, Sony commissioned new mixes of the duo’s 1984 single, “Everything She Wants.” George Michael’s effort elicits a yawn, and Todd Terry turns out predictable patter; however, Pete Gleadall (Forthright) provides a more interesting interpretation. Added as a bonus is Daniel Barassi’s unreleased edit of the Forthright Club Mix. For more of Barassi’s knob-twiddling talents, head over to BRAT Productions.