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Groovy Feeling


01 Groovy Feeling (Toni Bell’s Single Scoop)
02 Groovy Feeling (Make Mine A 99)
03 Groovy Feeling (Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb)
04 Groovy Feeling (Nutty Chip Cornet)
05 Groovy Feeling (Mr Whippy)
06 Groovy Feeling (Thick N Creamy)

INFO > With its bouncy, uplifting vibe, “Groovy Feeling” is my favorite Fluke production. The 1993 release was the third single attached to the trio’s 1993 album, “Six Wheels On My Wagon.” Many years later, and after a couple of visits to the UK, I finally deciphered all of those delicious remix references :-)

Electric Guitar


01 Electric Guitar (Humbucker)
02 Electric Guitar (Vibrochamp)
03 Electric Guitar (Headstock)
04 Electric Guitar (Sunburst)
05 Electric Guitar (Hot Tube)

INFO > My introduction to Fluke came in 1991 when I acquired a copy of “Out (In Essence)” for the princely sum of one dollar. Unfortunately, the trio’s sound didn’t appeal to me at the time—I just didn’t get it. Sadly, I sold that CD. Fast forward to 1993, and I was immediately intrigued upon hearing “Electric Guitar” played on Swedish Egil’s syndicated program, “Groove Radio.” Now that I could get into. From 1993 to 1994, Fluke could do no wrong: their “Six Wheels On My Wagon” album, the related singles, and remixes for other artists are all consistently excellent. Things went a bit wonky after that, but for those two years, Fluke was the electronic band to beat.

R.S.V.P. (US Promo)

57602 CD

01 R.S.V.P. (Single)
02 R.S.V.P. (Breakfast Mix)
03 R.S.V.P. (Dinner Mix)
04 R.S.V.P. (Supper Mix)

INFO > The 1994 US promo issue of Pop Will Eat Itself’s “R.S.V.P.” features remixes from Fluke.



01 Philly (7″ Mix)
02 Philly (Jamorphous Mix)
03 Philly (Jamoeba Mix)
04 Philly (Jamateur Mix)*

*Bonus track

INFO > I wonder if Fluke had my hometown in mind when they produced “Philly.” The trio’s fourth single was their first release on a proper label, Creation. The track also opens Fluke’s debut album, “The Techno Rose Of Blighty.”

NOTE > Special thanks to Andrei for the ‘Jamateur Mix.’



01 Bjango (Original Mix)
02 Bjango (Fluke Remix ‘Six To The Floor’)
03 Bjango (Way Out West ‘Bjangin’ Remix)
04 Bjango (Way Out West ‘Bjangin’ Dub)
05 Bjango (Scope ‘Bjanjaxxed’ Mix)

INFO > In 1996, the Fluke trio of Jon Fugler, Mike Bryant, and Mike Tournier circumvented their contract with Circa by releasing Hi Life single “Bjango” under the alias Lucky Monkeys.



01 Celebrate
02 Never Not Going To (Live)
03 Celebrate (Magimix)
04 Celebrate (Moulimix)

INFO > Horse’s brief stint with the Oxygen label yielded an album and three singles, the last of which was “Celebrate”, released in 1994. Fluke’s two mixes carry their classic sound from that period.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (1994)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
“Two Tribes”
1994 ZTT Records (UK)

01. Two Tribes (Fluke’s Minimix)
02. Two Tribes (Don’t Want To Die)
03. Two Tribes (Fluke’s Magimix)
04. Two Tribes (Fluke’s Magimix Instrumental)
05. Two Tribes (Hibakusha Mix)
06. Two Tribes (Annihilation Mix)

INFO > Frankie’s 1984 smash single was reworked a decade later by Fluke as part of Zang Tumb Tumm’s reissue campaign associated with “Bang!… The Greatest Hits.”


Fluke – Bubble

1994 Circa Records Ltd (UK)
YRCD 110

01. Bubble (Speechbubble) 06:40
02. Bubble (Stuntbubble) 07:40
03. Bubble (Burstbubble) 07:28

INFO > “Bubble” was a stopgap single released between Fluke’s “Six Wheels On My Wagon” and “Oto” albums. The track features all the classic Fluke trademarks: elastic bassline, mysterious lyrics, rough vocals, and that magnificent panoramic sound.

“Moody muttering and chanting plus some yowling guitar gives indie-rock-pop appeal to the 0-129.9-0 bpm Speechbubble vocal of this drumkit throbbed, synth pulsed and vocoder droned fluttery haunting progressive groove, with further Stuntbubble, Braillebubble and Burstbubble versions.”

James Hamilton, DJ Magazine, No. 113, 28 April – 11 May 1994


Fluke – Slid

1993 Circa Records Ltd (UK)
YRCD 103

01. Slid (Glid Edit) 03:46
02. Slid (Pdfmone) 07:41
03. Slid (No Guitars) 07:41
04. Slid (Glidub) 07:01
05. Slid (Scat And Sax Edit) 07:09

5 > Remix and additional production by Justin Robertson

INFO > “Slid” was the first single off Fluke’s breakthrough album, “Six Wheels On My Wagon.” It became a huge club hit after being championed by Sasha and John Digweed, who included two mixes of the track on the legendary compilation, “Renaissance: The Mix Collection.”