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Anomaly [Calling Your Name]


01 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Granny’s 7″ Edit)
02 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Original Mix)
03 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Granny’s Epicure Remix)
04 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Evolution’s Autodub Remix)
05 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (The Forth’s Remix)


01 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Ferry Corsten Remix Edit)
02 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Quivver Remix)
03 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Ferry Corsten 12″ Remix)

INFO > In 1995, Libra (Brian Transeau) and Taylor (Myles Glenn Wooten) collaborated on one-off single “Anomaly [Calling Your Name]”, issued through the Musicnow imprint. The track features vocals sampled from “The Prayer”, a B-side on Jan Johnston’s second single, “Paris.” The following year, Platipus licensed the track, gave it the remix treatment, and produced a hit, after which Jan Johnston went from unknown folk singer to in-demand dancefloor diva. Further remixes followed in 2000.

Don’t Be Afraid


01 Don’t Be Afraid (Brittany Radio Mix)
02 Don’t Be Afraid (Brittany Remix)
03 Don’t Be Afraid (Tall Paul Remix)
04 Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix)
05 Don’t Be Afraid (Distant Drums Mix)
06 Don’t Be Afraid (Brittany Dub)
07 Galaxia (Qattara Remix)
08 Galaxia (Original Mix)

INFO > “Don’t Be Afraid” was the first of three singles released by Ferry Corsten under the alias Moonman. Originally released in 1996, the single was licensed by Heat Recordings for a UK release the following year; the CD issue also includes mixes of “Galaxia” (tracks from both discs are consolidated here). Along with reworks from Jim Eliot and Paul Newman, the package also features remixes by Beat Foundation bandmates Andy Cato and Mike Mukhopadhyay under their respective guises as Qattara and Distant Drums.

Out Of The Blue


01 Out Of The Blue (Radio Edit)
02 Out Of The Blue (Angelz Remix)
03 Out Of The Blue (12″ Version)

INFO > Dutch DJ/producer Ferry Corsten has produced material under countless aliases and with numerous collaborators since the early-1990s. Released as System F, “Out Of The Blue” was a massive international hit in 1999, when the popularity of trance had reached its zenith. Although the UK CD single includes only three tracks, the other available remixes aren’t much cop anyway.

Pulp Victim – The World 99

Pulp Victim
“The World 99”
1999 Unsubmissive Records (DE)

01. The World (Radio Cut)
02. The World 99 (Moonman Radio Cut)
03. The World 99 (DJ Quicksilver Remix)
04. The World 99 (DJ Tandu Remix)
05. The World 99 (Moonman Extended Mix)
06. The World 99 (Lange Remix)

INFO > Pulp Victim is among the many aliases of Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten, internationally renowned for his uplifting trance productions. “The World” samples “Oro” from Máire Brennan’s 1992 debut solo album. The DJ Quicksilver and DJ Tandu remixes are exclusive to this German release.

The World 99