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Forever And A Day

Brothers In Rhythm Present Charvoni
“Forever And A Day”
1994 Stress Records (UK)

01 Forever And A Day (Radio Mix)
02 Forever And A Day (Phil Kelsey Mix)
03 Forever And A Day (Big Brothers Remix)
04 Forever And A Day (Original Club Mix)
05 Forever And A Day (E-Lustrious Mix)

“Forever And A Day” was the third and final single produced by Brothers In Rhythm Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman, along with vocalist Charvoni Woodson.

In Your Dance

Dance it up to this rare gem, courtesy of the illustrious Rob.


01 In Your Dance (Club Mix)
02 2 Hop Too (Discovery Mix)
03 In Your Dance (Mother Remix)
04 In Your Dance (Bivouac Mix)

INFO > 1994 single “In Your Dance” from E-Lustrious (Danny Hibrid & Mike E-Bloc) was remixed by Mother (Jools Brettle & Lee Fisher) and Route 66 (Nick Gordon Brown & Pete Shelley).

Dance No More


01 Dance No More (Radio Mix)
02 Dance No More (Full On MIx)
03 Dance No More (Not A Piano In Sight Mix)
04 Dance No More (Kodo Mix)

INFO > Released in 1991, “Dance No More” was the first collaborative effort from the production team of Danny Hibrid (Daniel Bennett) and Mike E-Bloc (Michael Kirwin), who also recorded singles as Direckt, Rollin’ Gear, Wigan Express, and UFG Soundsystem.