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Didn’t I Know [Divas To The Dancefloor… Please]


01 Didn’t I Know (Junior’s Factory Mix)
02 Didn’t I Know (D.C. VS. Tom E’s Original Dub)
03 Didn’t I Know (D.C. VS. Junior Vasquez Mix)
04 Didn’t I Know (Blissful Diva Mix)
05 Didn’t I Know (Blisstrumental)
06 Didn’t I Know (Cevin’s Diva Mix)
07 Didn’t I Know (Late Nite Diva Mix)
08 Didn’t I Know (B96 Radio Edit)
09 Didn’t I Know (Junior’s Deep Mix)

INFO > 1994 single “Didn’t I Know” was club hit for E.G. Fullalove (Ehryck Gilmore), thanks to a huge Junior Vasquez remix perfectly suited to the DJ’s Sound Factory following. This track always reminds me of former Philadelphia nighclub Milkbar, which did a respectable job of emulating the atmosphere of New York’s bigger venues. In 1997, owner Jim Lesser relocated Milkbar across the Delaware River to New Jersey, and the vacant Philly location was filled by Shampoo, an arguably superior dance destination. “Didn’t I Know” also received a few spins at my beloved hangout, THE BANK, situated a block over from the old book bindery building that housed Milkbar and Shampoo.