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A View To A Kill (Extended Remix)

Being a big fan of both JB and DD, I was pleasantly surprised by the recent revelation on James Bond fan site MI6 that an official extended version of “A View To A Kill” exists.

The song was co-written by composer John Barry and Duran Duran as the title track for the 1985 James Bond film “A View To A Kill”, which marked Roger Moore’s last appearance as 007. It’s been nearly 30 years since the original release of the single, which topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in July 1985. American producer Steve Thompson created a 12″ mix with input from the band; however, bassist John Taylor nixed the track’s release:

“I wanted to keep a certain purity to the 3 minutes plus of “AVTAK”… some of the recent remixes had been rubbing me the wrong way. I was adamant about it—that there should be no extended versions or remixes. It was short sighted of me, I have since regretted it.”

We all make mistakes, JT. Methinks this mix could spark a 30th anniversary reissue, possibly for Record Store Day 2015.

Is There Something We Should Know?

After reading DJ Paul T’s review of the Duran Duran performance that he attended in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week, I was looking forward to seeing the wild boys at the nearest stop of their “All You Need Is Now” tour. Last night, my wife, another couple, and I drove a little over an hour to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the DD show at Revel Resort & Casino.

For those unfamiliar with the town, Atlantic City is best described as the poor man’s Las Vegas, although with even less culture, more crime, uglier people, and only a fraction of Sin City’s glitz and scale. To its credit, Revel does an admirable job imitating Vegas’ more posh establishments, and provides a welcome oasis from AC’s overwhelmingly sleazy surroundings.

Having arrived a couple hours prior to the concert start time, we toured around the resort and took a stroll on the AC boardwalk. Upon our return to the concert hall, we were greeted by signs announcing that the show had been cancelled. We were, of course, disappointed; although pissed off might be more apropos.

According to the press release on Duran Duran’s website, keyboardist Nick Rhodes had been suffering from exhaustion, and was advised by a doctor to not perform that evening and get some rest. Okay, I understand that long-term touring can be challenging, and possibly take a physical toll on a performer. However, Rhodes is essentially stationary on stage during every show, and I’m sure none of the band parties like they did 30 years ago. And who cancels a show at the last minute? Pretty unprofessional, especially considering that everyone in attendance traveled a distance to be there, several hours for some.

I could be completely wrong, but I suspect that the cancellation may have been motivated by factors other than Nick Rhodes’ health. Historically, Philadelphia had been a guaranteed stop for major concert tours; however, Atlantic City has taken up that mantle over the past two decades, luring artists with luxurious accommodations, vices galore, and shitloads of cash. Consequently, ticket prices at AC resorts are grossly inflated compared to venues elsewhere. The DD show is an excellent example: $150 for the floor, and $75 for mezzanine seats—totally ridiculous. A couple of days prior to the show date, Revel circulated an email soliciting a two-for-one ticket offer; I interpret that as an indication of poor ticket sales for the resort’s 5,500 capacity Ovation Hall. It’s conceivably possible that the band’s management crunched some numbers and decided it wasn’t worth going on that night. But this is just idle speculation from a disgruntled ticket holder (plus, I love a good conspiracy theory ;-).

Duran Duran are scheduled to perform tonight in Pittsburgh, PA at Stage AE—a venue comparable in size to Revel’s Ovation Hall. I’ll be incredibly suspicious if Nick Rhodes makes a miraculous recovery for a packed crowd. Anyway, this evening I expect to be in awe of Dead Can Dance, who are bringing their tour to The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

UPDATE > DD pulled a second no-show in Pittsburgh, so maybe Rhodes really has some sort of bug. Even still, I’m convinced that the band and its management made the decision to bail on the AC date earlier in the day, but colluded with Ticketmaster, Revel, and promoters (a ‘union of the snakes’, if you will) to hold off the official announcement until the concert start time of 8:30 PM. Quite a few fans came down early, paid for parking, had dinner in the resort, downed a few cocktails, and did some gambling. I’m also confident that several folks booked rooms for the evening. Had ticket holders been advised earlier in the day that the show wasn’t happening, they would have canceled their room reservations and not traveled to Atlantic City. Thus, I suspect that Revel, which stood to lose income, was the primary instigator in timing the announcement for its own financial benefit. Of course, I also don’t believe that anyone landed on the moon…