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Feel Every Beat


01 Feel Every Beat (Single Remix)
02 Feel Every Beat (Tactile Mix)
03 Feel Every Beat (Downstairs Mix)
04 Lean To The Inside
05 Feel Every Beat (12″ Remix)
06 Feel Every Beat (DNA Remix)
07 Second To None

FACT > 1991’s “Feel Every Beat” was Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr’s third single as Electronic. The US issue features exclusive mixes by Dave Shaw & Winston Jones, UK remixes from Danny Rampling & Pete Lorimer and DNA, and Stephen Hague’s 7″ Remix. Also included are two excellent B-sides; instrumental “Lean To The Inside” is one of my favorite Electronic tracks, sounding like a theme for a British detective series.

Electronic – Get The Message

01 Get The Message (7″)
02 Get The Message (12″)
03 Free Will (7″)
04 Free Will (12″)
05 Get The Message (DNA Groove Mix)
06 Get The Message (DNA Sin Mix)
07 Get The Message (Single Mix)

FACT > The title track from Electronic’s debut album, “Get The Message” was Sumner and Marr’s second single (FAC 287).

NOTE > Does anyone have the US promo CD?

DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner

DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega
“Tom’s Diner”
1990 A&M Records (UK)
AMCD 592

01. Tom’s Diner (7″ A)
02. Tom’s Diner (Reprise)
03. Tom’s Diner (A Cappella)
04. Tom’s Diner (12″ A)

INFO > In 1990, UK producers Nick Batt and Neal Slateford created a bootleg remix of Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” by pasting the a cappella tune over a modified drum loop from Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life”, and then adding additional sounds and synths. With Vega’s approval, A&M negotiated a proper release of the track, credited to DNA as the main artist. The single was a massive hit on the UK and US charts, peaking at 2 and 5, respectively.

Trivia > The song’s point of reference is Tom’s Restaurant situated at 2880 Broadway in New York City; the establishment’s exterior served as Monk’s Cafe on 1990s US sitcom “Seinfeld.”