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DMC The History Of DJ Part 14

Episode 14 is a recording of Tony Prince’s presentation at the 2016 International Radio Festival in Milan. The DMC don provided a brief history of radio.

DMC The History Of DJ Part 13

Seems that I missed a couple of installments last year. In Episode 13, “BBC DJ Killing Fields”, Tony Prince interviews Radio 1 Producer Trevor Dann, who explains why a number of Radio 1 DJs were sacked in the mid-1990s.

DMC The History Of DJ Part 12

Radio Luxembourg Part 3: The Last Dance.

DMC The History Of DJ Part 11

Radio Luxembourg Part 2: The Reunion.

DMC The History Of DJ Part 10

In search of Radio Luxembourg…

DMC The History Of DJ Part 9

The Pirate’s Last Stand…

DMC The History Of DJ Part 8

Part 8 of the series continues exploring the operation and impact of pirate radio stations in the UK during the 1960s.

DMC The History Of DJ Part 7

Ahoy there! Episode 7 picks up where the last installment left off, charting the course of UK pirate radio stations operating during the mid-1960s, with a special focus on Radio London.

DMC The History Of DJ Part 6

Aargh matey! Episode 6 tells the tale of infamous pirate radio stations operating offshore during the mid-1960s.

DMC The History Of DJ Part 5

Episode five exposes the power, misuse, and stupidity of the Musician’s Union in the 1950s and 1960s, leading to the birth of pirate radio to challenge Britain’s broadcasting monopoly, the BBC.