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1993 Champion (UK)

01 Joy (Love Joy Serious Vocal Edit)
02 Joy (Original Edit)
03 Joy (Love Joy Vocal Mix)
04 Joy (Original Mix)
05 Joy (Diss-Cuss Vox Mix)
06 Joy (Stone’s Club Mix)
07 Joy (Love Joy Dub)



1993 Go! Beat (UK)

01 Dreams (7″ Version)
02 Dreams (The Developed Arrested Mix)
03 Dreams (Our Tribe House Mix)
04 Dreams (Dignity Mix)
05 Dreams (Easy Mix)
06 Dreams (Law’s House)
07 Dreams (The Red Underground Mix)

Two Fatt Guitars (Revisited)


01 Two Fatt Guitars (Radio Edit)
02 Two Fatt Guitars (Babetastic Mix)
03 Two Fatt Guitars (Corporation Express Remix)
04 Two Fatt Guitars (Jules & Skins Techno Remix)
05 Two Fatt Guitars (Rocktastic Mix)
06 Two Fatt Guitars (San Frandisko Remix)
07 Two Fatt Guitars (Elate Remix)

INFO > Danny Hibrid and Mike E-Bloc produced “Two Fatt Guitars” as Direckt. Originally released in 1993, the single was reissued the following year with new mixes from The Development Corporation, DJ EFX & DJ Digit, and Andy Stevenson & Phil Coxon.

NOTE > Somewhat confusingly, the ‘Babetastic Mix’ on the original release is labeled as the ‘Rocktastic Mix’ on the 1994 reissue, while the ‘Skankin’ Mix’ from the 1993 12″ single corresponds to the ‘Babetastic Mix’ on the CD single.

Listen To The Music (1994 Remixes)


01 Listen To The Music (Motiv 8 7″ Edit)
02 Listen To The Music (Motiv 8 12″ Mix)
03 Listen To The Music (Rampantly Pleasurable Mix)
04 Listen To The Music (Overworld 7″ Edit)
05 Listen To The Music (Overworld Extended Mix)
06 Listen To The Music (Original Version)

INFO > Given the success of 1993’s “Long Train Runnin'” rework, Warner Bros. hoped lightning might strike twice, so The Doobie Brothers’ 1972 hit “Listen To The Music” was chosen for a 1994 remix package. Steve Rodway and The Development Corporation both deliver pumping, high energy mixes; however, the highlight here is an epic collaboration between Ramp and Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin.

One Man In My Heart


01 One Man In My Heart
02 One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Extended)
03 One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Unplugged)
04 These Are The Days (Sonic Radiation)
05 These Are The Days (Ba Ba Mix)
06 These Are The Days (Overworld Mix)
07 These Are The Days (Man With No Name Vocal)
08 One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Nasty Sue Mix)

INFO > Following the failure of The Human League’s 1990 album “Romantic?”, the band was unceremoniously dumped by longtime label Virgin. Remaining members Phil Oakey, Joanne Catherall, and Susan Sulley shopped demos around and attracted the interest of EastWest, which signed the League in 1994. Former Tears For Fears keyboardist Ian Stanley produced The Human League’s seventh LP “Octopus”, which spawned three successful singles. Romantic ballad “One Man In My Heart” was the album’s second single and the first from the band to feature a female lead vocal.

D:ream – Things Can Only Get Better (Remixes)

“Things Can Only Get Better”
1993 Magnet Records/Warner Music (UK)

01. Things Can Only Get Better (D:reamix Edit)
02. Things Can Only Get Better (12″ D:reamix)
03. Things Can Only Get Better (Cleveland City Style)
04. Things Can Only Get Better (Superfly Development Vocal)
05. Things Can Only Get Better (Cleveland Main Vocal)
06. Things Can Only Get Better (Cleveland Euro Style)

3, 5, 6 > Remix by Rhyme Time Productions
4 > Remix by Development Corporation


“Things Can Only Get Better”
1993 Sire Records (US)
9 41047-2

01. Things Can Only Get Better (Superfly Development Vocal Edit)
02. Things Can Only Get Better (Superfly Development Vocal Mix)
03. Things Can Only Get Better (Overworld Mix)
04. Things Can Only Get Better (12″ D:reamix)
05. Things Can Only Get Better (Album Version)

1, 2, 3 > Remix by Development Corporation


INFO > About a year after the original release of “Things Can Only Get Better”, Warner Music issued these new mixes from Neil Claxton & Johnny Jay (Development Corporation) and Cleveland City’s Rhyme Time Productions. The ‘Superfly Development Vocal Edit’ is exclusive to the US maxi-single, which is also the only digital source for the ‘Overworld Mix.’ Attracted by the song’s chorus of optimism, the UK’s Labour Party adopted “Things Can Only Get Better” for use during the 1997 general election campaign, prompting yet another reissue of the single.

NOTE > Normally, I would consolidate unique tracks from related releases into one file. However, I felt the variations between these singles—as well as the discernible volume difference—warranted separate posts.

2wo Third3 – I Want To Be Alone

2wo Third3
“I Want The World”
1995 Epic Records (UK)
661085 2

01. I Want To Be Alone (Lonely Mix) 04:00
02. I Want To Be Alone (Greta G) 06:52
03. I Want To Be Alone (Re Vamp) 05:58
04. I Want To Be Alone (The Swedish Vamp) 06:02
05. I Want To Be Alone (Miss Diane’s Excited Pass) 07:19
06. I Want To Be Alone (Memphis 12″ Mix) 05:39

INFO > 2wo Third3’s fourth and final single was initially the flip side of earlier release, “Ease The Pressure.” Neil Claxton and Johnny Jay (Development Corporation) produced three of the remixes: Greta G, Re Vamp, and The Swedish Vamp. Also notable is the contribution by Matt Rowebottom (aka Memphis); after 2wo Third3 disbanded, songwriter Richard “Biff” Stannard teamed up with Rowebottom to form short-lived production duo Biff & Memphis.

NOTE > Some (all?) copies of this CD single were pressed with ‘The Swedish Vamp’ mix twice in place of the ‘Greta G’ mix; that error has been corrected here.


2wo Third3 – Ease The Pressure


2wo Third3
“Ease The Pressure”
1994 Epic Records (UK)
660478 2 / 660478 5

01. Ease The Pressure (Precious Mix) 03:53
02. I Want To Be Alone (Perfectly Okko) 03:48
03. Ease The Pressure (Pressure Mix) 06:22
04. Ease The Pressure (Relief Mix) 08:58

INFO > The two CD singles of “Ease The Pressure” both respectively include the ‘Precious Mix’, along with a remix of the main tune, and mixes of “I Want To Be Alone.” The latter track was later issued as a separate single, recycling three of the versions included on “Ease The Pressure.” To avoid redundancy, this modified offering excludes the tracks available on “I Want To Be Alone.”


2wo Third3 – I Want The World


2wo Third3
“I Want The World”
1994 Epic Records (UK)
660854 2 / 660854 5

01. I Want The World (Our World Mix) 03:51
02. I Want The World (Space Cadets Mix) 03:43
03. I Want The World (Planet Uranus Mix) 06:32
04. I Want The World (Planet Mercury Mix) 05:54
05. I Want The World (Planet Mars Mix) 07:16
06. I Want The World (Planet Pluto Mix) 06:25
07. I Want The World (Planet Earth Mix) 09:19

1, 2 > Remix by Phil Harding & Ian Curnow
3 > Remix by Primax and The Power Syndicate
4 > Remix by Development Corporation
5, 6 > Remix by Evolution
7 > Remix by LuvDup

INFO > 2wo Third3 entered the UK Singles Chart top 20 with “I Want The World”, earning them an appearance on “Top Of The Pops” in 1995. Tracks from both CD singles are consolidated here.