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01 Rapture (Radio Edit)
02 Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
03 Rapture (Deep Dish Space Remix)
04 Rapture (Riva Mix)
05 Rapture (Original Extended Mix)
06 Rapture (Deep Dish Miami Dub)
07 Rapture (Aloud Remix)
08 Rapture (Soulside Remix)
09 Rapture (International Radio Mix)
10 Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K Edit)

INFO > Producer Markus Moser and vocalist Nadia Ali formed Vaiio in 2001; the New York duo’s debut was “Rapture”, issued by Made Records in 2001. Ministry Of Sound acquired the single for worldwide distribution, at which point the act’s name was truncated to iiO to avoid conflict with Sony over its Vaio personal computer line. “Rapture” was a huge international hit, thanks in great part to a deep and dark rework from John Creamer & Stephane K.

NOTE > There are umpteen international variations of this CD single—the contents of a couple of them are distilled here.

HELP > Anyone have this Dutch CD single with the Armin Van Buuren remix and Riva edit?



01 Stranded (Radio Version)
02 Stranded (BT vs DD Mix – Groovejet Dubby Edit)
03 Stranded (BT vs DD Mix – Deep Dish Edit)
04 Stranded (Hubble Dub Mix)
05 Stranded (Brother Brown’s Be-Mix)

INFO > Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi formed the DJ & production team Deep Dish in 1992. The duo’s 1995 remix of De’Lacy’s “Hideaway” catapulted Dubfire and Sharam to fame and ensured that their talents would be in great demand for years to come. Featuring lyrics and vocals by Richard Morel, country-tinged “Stranded” was the first of four singles lifted from Deep Dish’s debut album, “Junk Science.” The 1997 release was remixed by Brian Transeau & Danny Tenaglia, and Brother Brown.

Land Of The Living

Very special thanks to eLeMeNOhPeaQ for sharing these singles.


01 Land Of The Living (Radio Edit)
02 Land Of The Living (Rollo & Sister Bliss Radio Edit)
03 Land Of The Living (Kristine W Radio Edit)
04 Land Of The Living (Lisa Marie Experience Radio Edit)
05 Land Of The Living (Album Version Edit)
06 Land Of The Living (Album Version)


01 Land Of The Living (Rollo & Sister Bliss Club Remix)
02 Land Of The Living (Deep Dish Land Of The Lost Vocal Mix)
03 Land Of The Living (Lisa Marie Experience Vocal 12″ Mix)
04 Land Of The Living (Dekkard’s Planet Vocal Mix)
05 Land Of The Living (Junior’s New Vocal Mix)

INFO > Rollo Armstrong and Rob Dougan produced and co-wrote “Land Of The Living”, the title track from dance diva Kristine Weitz’s sophomore album. Here are the US promo and commercial maxi CDs.

BT – Blue Skies


“Blue Skies”
1996 Perfecto/EastWest (UK)

01. Blue Skies (Radio Edit) 03:51
02. Blue Skies (Delphinium Days) 11:48
03. Blue Skies (BT’s Liquid Oxygen Dub) 09:06
04. Blue Skies (Paul van Dyk’s Erinnern Indigo Mix) 08:13
05. Blue Skies (Paul van Dyk’s Blauer Himmel Mix) 08:02
06. Blue Skies (Deep Dish Blue Phunk Mix) 08:56
07. Blue Skies (Deep Dish Blue Phunk Dub) 04:57
08. Blue Skies (Rabbit In The Moon’s Phathomless Mix) 10:16
09. Blue Skies (Robbers Of Antiquity Alien Disco Mix) 08:02

INFO > After being introduced by mutual friends, Brian Transeau and Tori Amos discovered they had much in common personally, and subsequently collaborated professionally in the mid-1990s. “Blue Skies” came about after Amos sent Transeau a DAT of her singing improvised lyrics over “Divinity” from BT’s debut album. Transeau created a new instrumental foundation and edited Amos’ extemporaneous vocals into a structured song. While the radio edit is a catchy and uplifting tune in its own right, the single’s remix pack is massive: BT, Paul van Dyk, Deep Dish, and RITM all captured in their prime.


Alcatraz – Giv Me Luv

“Giv Me Luv”
1996 AM:PM Records (UK)
581 433-2

01. Giv Me Luv (Giv Me Edit)
02. Giv Me Luv (Original Mix)
03. Giv Me Luv (Alcatraz Remix)
04. Giv Me Luv (Deep Dish 11th Hour Remix)
05. Giv Me Funky Bass

INFO > A massive international hit, this one-off single by Jean-Phillippe Aviance and Victor Imbres was originally released in 1995 through Deep Dish’s Yoshitoshi Recordings. In the wake of the single’s success, Aviance and Imbres produced a few remixes for other artists before parting ways to pursue solo projects.


De’Lacy – Hideaway

1995 Deconstruction Records (UK) / ZYX Music (DE)
74321 31047 2 / ZYX 7929-8

01. Hideaway (Deep Dish Radio Edit)
02. Hideaway (K-Klass Radio Mix)
03. Hideaway (Deep Dish Remix)
04. Hideaway (K-Klass Klub Mix)
05. Hideaway (Dubfire Needs To Score)
06. Hideaway (Sharam’s Journey To Mars)
07. Hideaway (Blaze Klub Head Vocal)

INFO > Blaze’s original production of “Hideaway” for Easy Street Records is a fairly average garage cut. Slip ‘n’ Slide picked up the track in 1995 and handed it over to up-and-coming production duo Deep Dish—the resulting remix was bigger than a pregnant whale and ensured Dubfire and Sharam with work for life. Among the many labels to license “Hideaway”, Deconstruction let K-Klass have a go with it, and later reissued the single with new remixes from Nu-Birth and 187 Lockdown. However, nothing can compete with that Deep Dish juggernaut.