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All I Do


Jane Child
“All I Do”
1993 Warner Bros. Records (US)
9 41372-2

01 All I Do (Album Edit)
02 All I Do (TG Mix)
03 Do Whatcha Do (Nu Club Mix)
04 All I Do (MK Mix)
05 Here Not There (Radio Version)

Dirty Cash [Money Talks]


Adventures Of Stevie V.
“Dirty Cash [Money Talks]”
1990 Mercury (EU)
875 637-2

01 Dirty Cash [Money Talks] (Sold Out Edit)
02 Dirty Cash [Money Talks] (Sold Out Mix)
03 Dirty Cash [Money Talks] (Dime & Dollar Edit)
04 Dirty Cash [Money Talks] (Dime & Dollar Mix)

What Can You Do For Me (US Remixes)


Utah Saints
“What Can You Do For Me” (US Remixes)
1993 FFRR/London Records (US)
857 103-2

01 What Can You Do For Me (1926 Melodic Mix)
02 What Can You Do For Me (Drill Mix)
03 What Can You Do For Me (Hard Mix)
04 What Can You Do For Me (Klub Mix)
05 What Can You Do For Me (A Trance For The Saints)
06 I Want You (New Orleans Edit)

I’ll Be Your Friend (1997)


01 I’ll Be Your Friend (Oakenfold Radio Edit)
02 I’ll Be Your Friend (10,000 Leagues Under N.Y.C.)
03 I’ll Be Your Friend (Prince Quick’s Amped Up Pass)
04 I’ll Be Your Friend (Into The Millennium)
05 I’ll Be Your Friend (Oakenfold Edit Of Def Mix)
06 I’ll Be Your Friend (SPS Customized Caned Mix)
07 I’ll Be Your Friend (Dekkard’s Satellite Vocal)
08 I’ll Be Your Friend (Glamourous Mix)

INFO > Originally released in 1991, Robert Owens’ house classic “I’ll Be Your Friend” was reissued in 1997 with new mixes by Prince Quick, Dave Valentine, and Richard Dekkard.

Belo Horizonti

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01 Belo Horizonti (Brix Radio Edit)
02 Belo Horizonti (Original Mix)
03 Belo Horizonti (Brix Edit)
04 Belo Horizonti (Dino Lenny HWW Mix)
05 Belo Horizonti (Dino Lenny & The Dubaholics Remix)
06 Belo Horizonti (Morales Radio Edit)
07 Belo Horizonti (Def Rascal Mix)
08 Belo Horizonti (Boss Club Mix)
09 Belo Horizonti (Jaxx After Hours Dub)
10 Belo Horizonti (Track Paradiso)

INFO > Also known as The Dub Duo, Italian producers Claudio Coccoluto and Savino Martinez released “Belo Horizonti” as The Heartists. Inspired by the music and culture of Brazil, “Belo Horizonti” is a fantastic fusion of samba and house, and pays tribute to percussionist Airto Moreira, whose 1977 composition “Celebration Suite” is sampled on the track. Consolidated here are all unique mixes from the original UK CD single, the second UK issue, and the US CD.

HELP > Anyone have the ‘Rumbledub’ from the German CD single?

Get Up!


01 Get Up! (7″ Edit)
02 Get Up! (Def Mix)
03 Get Up! (Album Version)
04 Get Up! (Def Edit)


01 Get Up! (Dance Action Mix)
02 Get Up! (Single Mix)
03 Get Up! Muted Mix)
04 Get Up! (CD Version)
05 Pump Up The Jam (Ultimix)

INFO > In the early 1990s, Belgian producer Jo Bogaert sold a gazillion records as Technotronic. While several vocalists were attached to the Eurodance project, the most prominent was Ya Kid K (Manuela Kamosi), who features on the act’s second single, “Get Up! [Before The Night Is Over].”


Offer your appreciation to Andrei for bearing this fine fruit.


01 Lemon (Edit)
02 Lemon (Lemonade Edit)
03 Lemon (Album Version)
04 Lemon (Lemonade Mix)
05 Lemon (Jeep Mix)
06 Lemon (Version Dub)
07 Lemon (Bad Yard Club Edit)
08 Lemon (Perfecto Mix)

INFO > 1993’s “Lemon” was given a twist by David Morales and the Perfecto team of Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne. In my opinion, these brilliant remixes represent the respective pinnacles for both producers: Morales’ dark and moody deep house is contrasted by Oakey’s full-on day-glo trance. As is the case with many releases from the 1990s, “Lemon” is a challenging single for collectors. UK and US 12″ promos each contain different mixes; the commercial US vinyl consolidates many, but not all of the versions. CD singles were only commercially issued in Australia and Japan, and the US promo includes an exclusive remix by sound engineer Robbie Adams. Consolidated here are unique mixes from the US and Australian CDs, along with the ‘Bad Yard Club Edit’ and ‘Perfecto Mix’ included on follow-up single, “Stay.”

One & One


01 One & One (Radio Version)
02 One & One (Club Version)
03 4US
04 One & One (Quivvers Amityville Vocal)
05 One & One (Quivvers Amityville Dub)
06 One & One (David Morales Journey Mix)
07 One & One (Joe T. Vannelli SLK Mix)

INFO > Robert Miles (Roberto Concina) came to fame with the international hit “Children”, which started the ‘dream trance’ sub-genre of the mid-1990s. Following the release of Miles’ debut album, the success of his fourth single, “One & One”, prompted its inclusion on subsequent international issues and special editions. “One & One” features the vocal talents of Maria Nayler, and remixes from John Graham, David Morales, and Joe T. Vanelli (both UK CD singles are consolidated here).

Work It Out


01 Work It Out (Shiva Radio 7” Mix)
02 Work It Out (Morales Classic Radio Mix)
03 Work It Out (Mindwarp Mix)
04 Work It Out (F.O.S. Untouchable Vocal)
05 Work It Out (Morales Classic Club Mix)

INFO > 1995 debut single from the trio of Paul Ross, Gino Piscitelli, and the late Louise Dean. On the mix: David Morales, John Debo & Richard Dekkard, and Fathers Of Sound.

Masters At Work – I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95


01 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Choice Hip Hop Edit)
02 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (No Sleep Edit)
03 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Morales Late Nite Edit)
04 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Low Down Mix)
05 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (No Sleep In ’95 Mix)
06 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Ken Lou Mix)
07 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (MK Mix)

INFO > Originally released in 1993, this house anthem by Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales and ‘Little’ Louie Vega (with India on vocals) was reissued two years later with new mixes from David Morales, Marc Kinchen, and the Masters themselves.

NOTE > Anyone have the limited edition CD single?