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The Pleasure Principle + Alright (1996)


Janet Jackson
“The Pleasure Principle + Alright”
1996 AM:PM (UK)
581 767-2

01 The Pleasure Principle (Legendary Club Mix)
02 The Pleasure Principle (NuFlava Vocal Dub)
03 The Pleasure Principle (Banji Dub)
04 The Pleasure Principle (D.T.’s Twilo Dub)
05 Alright (Tee’s Club Mix)
06 Alright (Tee’s Beats)

Those who grew up as part of the ‘Rhythm Nation’ may develop a few more gray hairs today, as Janet Jackson turns 50 years old. After Janet (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty) signed with Virgin in 1993, her former label A&M compiled a career retrospective—1995’s “Design Of A Decade”—and commissioned new remixes of classic singles. Issued exclusively on A&M dance subsidiary AM:PM, this release combines Danny Tenaglia reworks of “The Pleasure Principle” with Todd Terry’s take on “Alright.”

Fired Up!


Funky Green Dogs
“Fired Up!”
1996 Twisted America Records (US)

01 Fired Up! (Twilo Anthem Edit)
02 Fired Up! (Club 69’s Future Mix)
03 Fired Up! (MURK’s Original Groove)
04 Fired Up! (Club 69’s Future Dub)
05 Fired Up! (Peter’s Plastic Disco Mix)
06 Fired Up! (BRAT Edit)

Listen Like Thieves (CA Promo)


01 Listen Like Thieves (Album Edit)
02 Listen Like Thieves (Giant Club Mix)
03 Listen Like Thieves (Vandal Dub)

INFO > Detroit producers David Weiss and Don Fagenson formed Was (Not Was) in 1979. The group’s eclectic output is a musical stew of rock, funk, disco, jazz, electro, and other styles, accompanied by sometimes bizarre or politically-charged lyrics. Was (Not Was) recorded a crap cover of INXS’s “Listen Like Thieves” for a 1992 hits compilation. This Canadian promo features digitally exclusive mixes by Danny Tenaglia.

Love Can Change It + Walkin’


01 Love Can Change It (Downtown Club Mix)
02 Love Can Change It (For Those Who Like To Dub)
03 Walkin’ (Grant Nelson’s Divine Gospel Remix)
04 Walkin’ (Grant Nelson’s Filthy Dub Version)

INFO > For his second album, 1995’s “Welcome To The Real World”, the late Frankie Knuckles enlisted the vocal talents of Adeva (Patricia Daniels). This US single pairs two of the LP’s tracks: “Love Can Change It” and “Walkin'”, the former remixed by Danny Tenaglia, and the latter reworked by Grant Nelson.

Coming Home


01 Coming Home (Danny Tenaglia Club Mix Edit)
02 Coming Home (Coyote Remix Edit)
03 Coming Home (Sunday Club Remix)
04 Coming Home (Freefall Remix)

INFO > Legendary Detroit producer ‘Magic’ Juan Atkins released a couple of garage singles under the alias Visions in the early-1990s. Originally issued by Flying Records in 1993, “Coming Home” was licensed by Stress Records in 1996 and given the full remix treatment. The reissue’s emphasis is clearly on epic house, with only Danny Tenaglia’s ‘Club Mix’ being carried over from the original Italian 12″.



01 Ohno (Danny’s Twisted Realness Mix)
02 Ohno (The Twisted Beats)
03 Ohno (Club 69’s Future Mix)
04 Ohno (Sextravaganza’s Tribal Dub)

INFO > Danny Tenaglia’s 1996 single “Ohno” features remixes by Peter Rauhofer and Frederick Jorio.

Change (1995)


01 Change (Brothers In Rhythm Edit)
02 Change (Jimmy Gomez Expresso Edit)
03 Change (Lite & Sweet Club Mix)
04 Change (Fathers Of Sound Classic Vocal Mix)
05 Change (Fathers Of Sound Sunset Vocal Mix)
06 Change (Cafe Con Daphne)

INFO > Between 1988 and 1992, Daphne Rubin-Vega was the only constant member of Pajama Party, and consequently appears on all of the freestyle trio’s recorded output. After the Party ended, Daphne embarked on a solo singing career, and then transitioned onto stage and screen, most notably starring in the original Broadway production of “Rent.” Originally issued in 1994, “Change” was Daphne’s second single, produced by Danny Tenaglia. Stress licensed the release and reissued it the following year with new mixes from Brothers In Rhythm, Fathers Of Sound, and James Wiltshire.



01 Stranded (Radio Version)
02 Stranded (BT vs DD Mix – Groovejet Dubby Edit)
03 Stranded (BT vs DD Mix – Deep Dish Edit)
04 Stranded (Hubble Dub Mix)
05 Stranded (Brother Brown’s Be-Mix)

INFO > Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi formed the DJ & production team Deep Dish in 1992. The duo’s 1995 remix of De’Lacy’s “Hideaway” catapulted Dubfire and Sharam to fame and ensured that their talents would be in great demand for years to come. Featuring lyrics and vocals by Richard Morel, country-tinged “Stranded” was the first of four singles lifted from Deep Dish’s debut album, “Junk Science.” The 1997 release was remixed by Brian Transeau & Danny Tenaglia, and Brother Brown.

Supernature (Danny Tenaglia Remixes)


01 Supernature (Single Edit)
02 Supernature (D.T.’s Legendary Club Mix)
03 Supernature (D.T.’s Twilo Club Mix)
04 Supernature (Kevin Saunderson Remix)
05 Supernature (Original)

INFO > Musically active for 40 years now, French producer Marc Cerrone was an incredibly influential artist during the height of the disco era and beyond. Released as a single in 1977, “Supernature” is the title track from Cerrone’s third album and perhaps his best known composition. Remixed several times over the years, the track was reworked by Kevin Saunderson, Danny Tenaglia, Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin, and Rachel Auburn between 1994 and 1996.

Written by an uncredited Lene Lovich, the song’s lyrics construct a cautionary tale of the dangers resultant from applying chemicals to agriculture. These “potions” consequently mutate animals, who then exert their new-found power to dominate mankind—in effect, nature exacts revenge upon irresponsible humans.

Regarded as science fiction in the 70s, the song’s message is chillingly relevant today—excessive use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, growth of genetically modified crops and animals, and unchecked factory farming collectively contribute to environmental pollution, destruction of ecosystems, wildlife deaths, and compromised human health. And unlike the fitting fate for humanity posed in “Supernature”, nature has no defense against greed-driven corporations with no respect for the planet.

To learn more about damaging agribusiness, visit Food, Inc.

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Cerrone “Supernature” promotional video:

Found Love (US Promo)


01 Found Love (Radio Edit)
02 Found Love (Caipirina Remix)
03 Found Love (International Mix)
04 Found Love (Moz-Art Remix)
05 Found Love (Found Dub)

INFO > 1990’s “Found Love” was the debut single from Italo house team Double Dee. The US promo CD features a unique track listing that includes an early Danny Tenaglia production (the ‘International Mix’).