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Danny Campbell – Answer My Prayer

Danny Campbell
“Answer My Prayer”
1996 Jackpot Records (UK)
WIN 017 CD

01. Answer My Prayer (Mount Rushmore’s Radio Edit)
02. Answer My Prayer (Shiva’s 7″ Mix)
03. Answer My Prayer (Shiva’s 12″ Mix)
04. Answer My Prayer (Mount Rushmore’s Penitent Vocal Mix)
05. Answer My Prayer (Evolution’s DSG Mix)

INFO > Campbell’s soulful and powerful voice graced several quality house records in the 1990s, including his two singles for Jackpot.

Answer My Prayer

Danny Campbell & Sasha – Together

Danny Campbell & Sasha
1993 FFRR Records (UK)
FCD 212

01. Together (Sasha’s United Club Edit)
02. Together (Sasha’s Reunited Club Edit)
03. Together (Mount Rushmore Attack The Track)
04. Together (Sasha’s Qat Dub)
05. Together (Sasha’s United Club Mix)

INFO > Following up the B.M. EX EP, this was Alexander Coe’s first single issued as Sasha, in collaboration with vocalist Danny Campbell. Both of Sasha’s key early collaborators—Tom Frederikse and Gaëtan Schurrer—were on board to help produce this piano-driven house tune.