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Stop Starting To Start Stopping E.P.

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01 Gusta
02 Dance To The House
03 Can You Feel It
04 How Do Y’All Feel

INFO > This 1996 EP was one of the final releases from Kevin Hurry & Kevin Swain in their guise as D.O.P. (Dance Only Productions). While more commercial than earlier material issued through Guerilla, the duo’s later style is equally enjoyable and eminently danceable.

HELP > Anyone have D.O.P.’s “Manifest Your Love” CD single?

Could This Be Love?

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01 Could This Be Love? (Beatmasters 7″ Mix)
02 Could This Be Love? (Diss-Cuss Vocal Mix)
03 Could This Be Love? (D.O.P. Spookie Billy Ray Mix)
04 Could This Be Love? (Night Fever Mix)

INFO > I had never heard of Kerry Shaw before receiving this obscure single from Rob. Released in 1993, “Could This Be Love?” was Shaw’s debut release as a solo artist. Co-written with Band Of Gypsies’ Nigel Swanston and Tim Cox, the song includes the clever lyric, “You’re not essential but I think you’ve got potential,” which also aptly summed up Shaw’s career at that time. She would later join EMF guitarist Ian Dench and violist James Topham in the short-lived indie pop group Whistler. After that, Shaw issued a mini-album under the alias Real Emotional Girl before pursuing other artistic endeavors.



01 Persuasion (Seven Inch Mix)
02 Persuasion (D.O.P. Mix)
03 Persuasion (Chameleon Dub)
04 Persuasion (Chameleon Mix)
05 Persuasion (Original Version)
06 Persuasion (SpookyBillie’s Ventriloquist Mix)

INFO > Throbbing Gristle cover “Persuasion” was intended for inclusion on Electribe 101’s second album, which went unreleased. In 1993, Billie Ray Martin re-recorded the song with Charlie May and Duncan Forbes; the single was released via Guerilla with remixes by Kevin Hurry & Kevin Swain.

Dance Your Socks Off


01 Hear I Go
02 Non Stop
03 Feels Real Good
04 Trance Europe Express
05 Oh Yeah (Chameleon Mix)

INFO > This 1993 EP was produced by Kevin Hurry and Kevin Swain as Dance Only Productions.

The Aloof – Purity

The Aloof
1992 Cowboy Records (UK)

01. Purity (7″ Edit)
02. Purity (Full Vocal Mix)
03. Purity (Junior Style Remix)
04. Purity (Oh Dear Mix)
05. Purity (The D.O.P. Deep Mix)*

*Bonus track

INFO > Prior to developing their familiar downtempo sound, The Aloof maintained a more housey, Balearic vibe on early singles. Farley and Heller polish up “Purity” in their distinctive style, while D.O.P. take the tune on a dark, throbbing, electronic excursion.


2wo Third3 – Hear Me Calling


2wo Third3
“Hear Me Calling”
1994 Epic Records (UK)
660064 2 / 660064 5

01. Hear Me Calling (Single Version) 03:46
02. Hear Me Calling (Hand Bag Jive) 06:36
03. Hear Me Calling (The Ramp Mighty 12″) 06:45
04. Hear Me Calling (D.O.P. No-stal-gia?) 06:27
05. Hear Me Calling (D.O.P. No-stal-gia? Dub) 06:26
06. Hear Me Calling (Hard On – Erect) 05:26
07. Hear Me Calling (Hard On – Upright) 05:57

3 > Remix by Ramp (Shem McCauley & Simon Rogers)
4, 5 > Remix by D.O.P. (Kevin Hurry & Kevin Swain)
6, 7 > Remix by JX and Red Jerry

INFO > 2wo Third3 were the best pop dance act you’ve never heard of. Managed by Tom Watkins (who also guided the careers of Pet Shop Boys, East 17, and Bros), the group consisted of Lee Thomas, Daniel Payne, Victor Scerri, and unseen songwriter Richard “Biff” Stannard (Biff was represented by a cartoon image on product and in videos). Lee’s distinctive voice and Biff’s catchy tunes distinguished 2wo Third3 from lesser dance units of the day, while design firm Form crafted the band’s stylish image and slick packaging. 2wo Third3 were active between 1994 and 1995, issuing only four singles during that period. “Hear Me Calling” was their debut release; tracks from both CD singles are consolidated here.