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The Cure… FOR depression


I consider The Cure’s fourth LP, “Pornography”, to be the most depressing album ever recorded. This assessment is not meant to be disparaging—“Pornography” is a brilliant album, which also happens to merit that unusual superlative.

Released in 1982 and produced by Phil Thornalley, “Pornography” is 43 minutes of relentless misery. If you are suicidal, you should not listen to this album. However, when I’m deeply depressed, I prefer to wallow in despair; consequently, those are the only occasions when I play “Pornography.” The CD may as well be stored in one of those red boxes labeled ‘In Case Of Emergency – Break Glass.’

Anyway, I bring this up because, after last Tuesday, I had to ‘break the glass’… and Robert Smith’s gothic tour de force will likely be on repeat for the next four years.

Speaking of pornography, have you seen any old photos of Melania Trump (né Melania Knauss)? She’ll certainly serve as a very different ‘role model’ than every First Lady who has preceded her.


Friday I’m In Love


01 Friday I’m In Love
02 Halo
03 Scared As You
04 Friday I’m In Love (Strangelove Mix)

INFO > There’s a bit of wry humor in posting “Friday I’m In Love”—a giddy love song by gloom rock’s elder statesmen—on All Hallows’ Eve, which happens to fall on a Friday this year. Hey, how do goths dress up on Halloween—as preppies?

LIVE > California-based tribute band The Cured are bringing their ’80s-era Cure experience to the Musikfest Café in Bethlehem, PA tomorrow evening.

Just Like Heaven (The Penelopes Remix)

French indie pop duo The Penelopes have fashioned a refreshing remix of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”—free download via Soundcloud:

Channeling their mutual love of British indie bands like New Order and The Cure, longtime friends Axel Basquiat and Vincent Tremel carved a creative partnership as The Penelopes. Their debut recording, the “Purity EP”, was released in 2002; they’ve since produced three albums, a half dozen singles, and a handful of quality remixes. In 2012, the Parisian producers relocated to London and set up their own imprint, Pour Le Monde Records.

The Penelopes will soon issue a new single, “Time To Shine.”

The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry (1986)

The Cure
“Boys Don’t Cry” (New Voice · Club Mix)
1986 Fiction Records (UK)

01. Boys Don’t Cry (Extended 12″ Dance Version)
02. Pillbox Tales
03. Do The Hansa

INFO > The Cure’s 1979 single “Boys Don’t Cry” was re-sung and club mixed in 1986 for this 12″ release. Although no producer credit is given for the remix, it sounds like the work of François Kevorkian, who reworked the group’s following single, “Why Can’t I Be You.” On the flip are two previously unreleased recordings from 1979: the manic “Pillbox Tales”, and “Do The Hansa”—Robert Smith’s two-finger salute to The Cure’s first record label.

Boys Don’t Cry (1986)
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The Cure – Close To Me (Remix)


The Cure
“Close To Me” (Remix)
1990 Fiction Records (UK)

01. Close To Me (Closest Mix)
02. Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix)
03. Primary (Red Mix)
04. Close To Me (Closer Mix)
05. Why Can’t I Be You? (Extended Remix)

INFO > This was the second of two singles to promote The Cure’s 1990 compilation, “Mixed Up.” Oakenfold adds a baggy shuffle to “Close To Me”, Bryan ‘Chuck’ New plays with percussive effects on “Just Like Heaven”, and Keith LeBlanc industrializes “Primary” to excellent results. François Kevorkian’s original 12″ remix of “Why Can’t I Be You?” is an added bonus from the limited edition CD.