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Cosmic Baby
1994 Logic Records (DE)
LOC 144

01 Fantasia (Intro)
02 Fantasia (Celestial Harmonies)
03 Fantasia (Remix II)
04 Fantasia (Talking Drums)
05 Fantasia (Airplay)
06 Fantasia (Outro)

HELP > Anyone have Cosmic Baby’s “Heaven’s Tears” on CD?

Loops Of Infinity

Cosmic Baby
“Loops Of Infinity”
1994 Logic Records (DE)
LOC 123

01 Loops Of Infinity (Axiomatic)
02 Loops Of Infinity (Expressionistic)
03 Loops Of Infinity (Impressionistic)
04 Loops Of Infinity (Arpeggiators Remix)
05 Loops Of Infinity (Triptomatic Fairytales Remix)

Inspired by fellow countrymen in Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, classically trained pianist Harald Blüchel turned his attention to electronic instruments in the 1980s. Blüchel adopted the name Cosmic Baby in 1990, and began producing music that would help define the sound of trance.