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Original Sin (1995 Remix)


“Original Sin”
1995 Mercury (EU)
856 958-2

01 Original Sin (Epic Adventure Edit)
02 Original Sin (Ian Green Mix)
03 Original Sin (Epic Adventure)



01 Missing (Album Mix)
02 Missing (Lite Mix)
03 Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)
04 Missing (Chris & James Full On Club Mix)
05 Missing (Ultramarine Remix)
06 Missing (Little Joey Remix)
07 Missing (Tee’s Beat)

INFO > Between 1982 and 1994, Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt produced eight LPs and 20 singles as Everything But The Girl. However, it wasn’t until 1995 that the duo finally experienced international success, thanks to a Todd Terry remix of “Missing”, the second single from their eighth album, “Amplified Heart.”

Calm Down

Andrei has been the source of all your Stress this week. Spasibo!


01 Calm Down (Diamond Geezers Edit)
02 Calm Down (Original Club Mix)
03 Calm Down (Safe Sax Mix)
04 Calm Down (Mad Dog Remix)
05 Calm Down (Mindwarp Remix)
06 Calm Down (Route 66 Stress Anthem Mix)
07 Calm Down (Route 66 Dubster)

INFO > In 1994, Chris Day and James Bradley ensured that no dance floor would calm down while their club anthem played. “Calm Down” was remixed by Coyote, Mindwarp, and Route 66; the latter’s ‘Stress Anthem Mix’ namechecks several of that label’s artists, along with various classic UK club nights.

Stay [Tonight]


01 Stay (Radio Mix)
02 Stay (7″ Epic Dance Mix)
03 Stay (Original Dance Mix)
04 Stay (Full Epic 12″ Mix)
05 Stay (Nu Energy Mix)

INFO > Vocalist Beverley Reppion recorded her lone, 1994 artist single as Isha-D. “Stay” was co-written and produced by Phil Coxon; the second issue includes Chris & James’ epic house makeover.

Chris & James – Fox Force Five

Chris & James
“Fox Force Five”
1995 Stress Records (UK)

01. Fox Force Five (Radio Edit)
02. Fox Force Five (Original Club Mix)
03. Fox Force Five (Play Boys Dub)
04. Fox Force Five (Big C’s Break Of Dawn Mix)

INFO > Chris Day and James Bradley produced some memorable singles and remixes in the mid-1990s. Unfortunately, “Fox Force Five” isn’t the duo’s finest moment, with its contrived sampling of Samuel L. Jackson’s dramatic delivery of Ezekiel 25:17 from “Pulp Fiction.” However, Andy Cato’s brilliant ‘Break Of Dawn’ revision handily salvages this release.