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Cause & Effect – You Think You Know Her

Cause & Effect
“You Think You Know Her”
1990 Exile/Nasytmix Records (US)
NMR 74002-2

01. You Think You Know Her (7″ Version)
02. You Think You Know Her (The Deceptive Edit)
03. You Think You Know Her (Promiscuous Edit)
04. You Think You Know Her (The Deception Mix)
05. You Think You Know Her (The Promiscuous Mix)
06. You Think You Know Her (The Devious Dub)
07. You Think You Know Her (Promiscuous Instrumental)

2, 4, 6 > Additional production and remix by Tony Garcia

INFO > In 1990, with MTV hawking hip hop and hair metal, synthpop was all but dead (except for Depeche Mode, and even they couldn’t resist adding a six-string to “Personal Jesus”). Then grunge came along, hammering in the final nail. Apparently, some A&R rep at BMG didn’t get the memo, and signed California duo Rob Rowe and Sean Rowley, who had released two singles and an album through independent Exile. With major label backing, “You Think You Know Her” hit 9 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart and even cracked the top 40 of the Hot 100 singles chart. This is the original single released by Exile/Nastymix, featuring mixes by Tony Garcia (the 1991 BMG reissue changed the mix names from ‘Deceptive’ and ‘Promiscuous’ to ‘Unfaithful’ and ‘Philanderer’). Sadly, Sean Rowley died during a soundcheck while on tour in 1992. Rob Rowe continued on with new members and 20 years later, the band is still active.