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There’s Nothing I Won’t Do


01 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Original Edit)
02 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (JX Original Mix)
03 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Red Jerry & JX Dub)
04 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Carl Cox Full House Remix)
05 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Way Out West Remix)

INFO > I can’t think of a more positive, uplifting, euphoric, energetic, full-on, hands-in-the-air anthem than JX’s “There’s Nothing I Won’t Do”—makes me wanna dance every time I hear it. Featuring vocalist Shèna, the tune was Jake Williams’ biggest hit, reaching 4 on the UK Singles Chart in 1996.

Jackpot Presents Guerilla EP


01 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Carl Cox & PvD Radio Mix)
02 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Carl Cox & PvD Mix)
03 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Atlas’ 1st Addition Mix)
04 Tenth Chapter – Whiteland
05 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Girl Eats Boy Mix)
06 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Ernie & Bert Mix)
07 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Blue Amazon Mix)
08 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (The Project Mix)
09 React 2 Rhythm – Intoxication (Leftfield’s Clubfield Mix)

INFO > Exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, this 1997 release combines two remixed Guerilla singles issued by Jackpot, with a React 2 Rhythm track tacked on for good measure.

Tenth Chapter – Prologue (1997)

Tenth Chapter
“Prologue” (1997)
1997 Jackpot Records (UK)
CD WIN 024

01. Prologue (The Carl Cox & Paul van Dyk Radio Mix)
02. Prologue (The Carl Cox & Paul van Dyk Mix)
03. Prologue (Atlas’ 1st Addition Mix)
04. Whiteland

INFO > As Tenth Chapter, Nathan Cable and Terry Spencer Hopkins produced two singles for Guerilla and then two more for Jackpot. This release bridges those label associations, featuring a new remix of Guerilla-era single “Prologue”, along with the duo’s final track, “Whiteland”, which was also issued as a single-sided 10″.


Sunscreem – Perfect Motion

“Perfect Motion”
1992 Sony Soho Square (UK)
658405 2

01. Perfect Motion 04:10
02. Perfect Motion (Boy’s Own Mix) 09:51
03. Perfect Motion (Rhythm’s A Drug) 06:13
04. Perfect Motion (Drowning In Your Blood Mix) 05:20
05. Perfect Motion (One Down Mix) 05:02
06. Perfect Motion (Vocal Mix)* 08:34

*Bonus track, sourced from: Sunscreem “White Skies” (662742 5)

INFO > In the mid-1980s, Paul Carnell and Lucia Holm played together in an unsigned synthpop outfit called Shot The Rapids. That project failed to pan out, but Carnell and Holm gathered local talent in their hometown Essex and formed pop dance combo Sunscreem in 1991. Creating a rave-like experience during their live shows, the band quickly caught the attention of major label Sony. Issued on the Soho Square imprint, Sunscreem’s debut album “O₃” was a huge success in both the UK and US. “Perfect Motion” was the group’s fourth single, featuring Terry Farley and Pete Heller’s brilliant Boy’s Own Mix, alongside remixes by Carl Cox and Leftfield.