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Be As One


“Be As One”
1996 Deconstruction (UK)
74321 34296 2

01 Be As One (Radio Edit)
02 Heart Of Imagination (Edit)
03  Be As One (12″ Mix)

Sasha’s UK Top 20 hit “Be As One” features the lilting vocals of Maria Nayler. Brilliant B-side “Heart Of Imagination” is a collaboration with Brian Transeau; unfortunately, the track is savagely edited on the CD single.



Wild Colour
1996 Kinetic/Reprise (US)

01 Dreams (Perfecto Radio Mix)
02 Dreams (Perfecto Club Mix)
03 Dreams (BT’s Circadian Dream)
04 Dreams (Tin Tin Out Vocal Mix)
05 Dreams (Perfecto Jeep Mix)
06 Dreams (Friscia’s Dreamy Vocal Mix)
07 Dreams (Friscia & Nevins Dreams Into The A.M. Dub)

Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 US Number 1 hit “Dreams” was covered by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne under the alias Wild Colour, and issued as a single via Perfecto in 1995. The US release adds additional (crap) mixes by Glenn Friscia and Jason Nevins.

Take Me Higher (UK Promo)

Take Me Higher (UK Promo)   12EM388

Diana Ross
“Take Me Higher” (UK Promo)
1995 EMI (UK)

01 Take Me Higher (T-Empo’s Club Adventure) | 09:49
02 Take Me Higher (Eclipse Mix) | 06:21
03 Take Me Higher (BT’s Sonic Illusion Mix) | 13:15
04 Take Me Higher (BT’s Vibrolux Dub) | 13:50
05 Take Me Higher (I Feel Radical Mix) | 13:08
06 Take Me Higher (Da Drum Drum Acid Mix) | 09:31

“Take Me Higher” was the first of four singles issued from Diana Ross’ 1995 album of the same name. A multitude of mixes was produced for each side of the Atlantic; Brits got the better of the lot, receiving epic revisions from T-Empo, Brian Transeau, and Felix Da Housecat. This rare CD-R is the only digital source for the full-length UK remixes (heavily edited versions of some tracks appear on the commercial CD of follow-up single, “I’m Gone”).

The following year, “Take Me Higher” resurfaced as a promo release with new reworks by Nush and Reverend Jefferson, along with unreleased dubs by Blaze and Joe Claussell.

HELP > Anyone have Diana Ross’ “In The Ones You Love” UK CD 1?



01 Talula (The Tornado Mix)
02 Samurai
03 Frog On My Toe
04 London Girls
05 Talula (BT’s Synethasia Mix)

INFO > “Talula” appears on Tori Amos’ third album, “Boys For Pele”; the song was remixed by Brian Transeau for inclusion on the soundtrack to 1996 disaster flick “Twister.” In addition to his ‘Tornado Mix’, Transeau radically reworked the track into the epic ‘Synethasia Mix.’

Anomaly [Calling Your Name]


01 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Granny’s 7″ Edit)
02 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Original Mix)
03 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Granny’s Epicure Remix)
04 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Evolution’s Autodub Remix)
05 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (The Forth’s Remix)


01 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Ferry Corsten Remix Edit)
02 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Quivver Remix)
03 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Ferry Corsten 12″ Remix)

INFO > In 1995, Libra (Brian Transeau) and Taylor (Myles Glenn Wooten) collaborated on one-off single “Anomaly [Calling Your Name]”, issued through the Musicnow imprint. The track features vocals sampled from “The Prayer”, a B-side on Jan Johnston’s second single, “Paris.” The following year, Platipus licensed the track, gave it the remix treatment, and produced a hit, after which Jan Johnston went from unknown folk singer to in-demand dancefloor diva. Further remixes followed in 2000.

Only Human


01 Only Human (Edit)
02 Run To You (Masters At Work Radio Edit)
03 Run To You (BT & PvD’s 7 Skies Vocal Mix)
04 Run To You (Mindspell Killa Vocal Beatdown)

INFO > Early in her career, Dina Carroll was part of dance act Masquerade, which released a couple of singles through the seminal Streetwave label during the mid-1980s. Later signing to Jive, she began her solo career with a cover of “Walk On By” in 1989. A few modest hits followed, after which Carroll moved to Mercury and released her second album, “Only Human”, in 1996. The title track was issued as the LP’s second single, backed with remixes of “Run To You.”

Space Oasis


01 Space Oasis
02 Space Oasis (JNR’s South Beach Mix)
03 Space Oasis (BT’s Enterprise Mix)
04 Space Oasis (JNR’s Ambient Vocal Mix)
05 Space Oasis (JNR’s UK Mix)

INFO > Billie Ray Martin’s 1995 debut LP, “Deadline For My Memories”, was produced by Brian Transeau, who in addition remixed two of the album’s singles: “Running Around Town” and “Space Oasis.” Junior Vasquez also reworked “Space Oasis” for its 1996 single release.

Embracing The Sunshine


01 Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Remix Edit) 04:00
02 Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Remix) 13:07
03 Embracing The Future 05:21
04 Deeper Sunshine 07:06
05 Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Deeper Future Dub) 10:06

INFO > Brian Transeau’s first production under his BT moniker was 1993 single “Embracing The Future”, with “Deeper Sunshine” on the flip side. The following year, Sasha reworked elements of both tracks into “Embracing The Sunshine” for a promo release. After Paul Oakenfold signed Transeau to his Perfecto label, the original single tracks and Sasha’s remixes were reissued as “Embracing The Sunshine” in 1995.

If You Can’t Say No / I Belong To You


01 If You Can’t Say No (Edit)
02 Without You
03 If You Can’t Say No (Zero 7 Mix)
04 If You Can’t Say No (BT’s Supersymmetry Mix)


01 I Belong To You
02 If You Can’t Say No (Flunky In The Attic Mix)
03 If You Can’t Say No (Just Say No Mix)
04 If You Can’t Say No (BT’s Twilo Dub)
05 If You Can’t Say No (Dallas Austin Mix)

INFO > Brian Transeau, Zero 7, Billy Corgan, and Dallas Austin all said ‘yes’ to remixing “If You Can’t Say No”, the first single from Lenny Kravitz’s 1998 album, “5.”



01 Stranded (Radio Version)
02 Stranded (BT vs DD Mix – Groovejet Dubby Edit)
03 Stranded (BT vs DD Mix – Deep Dish Edit)
04 Stranded (Hubble Dub Mix)
05 Stranded (Brother Brown’s Be-Mix)

INFO > Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi formed the DJ & production team Deep Dish in 1992. The duo’s 1995 remix of De’Lacy’s “Hideaway” catapulted Dubfire and Sharam to fame and ensured that their talents would be in great demand for years to come. Featuring lyrics and vocals by Richard Morel, country-tinged “Stranded” was the first of four singles lifted from Deep Dish’s debut album, “Junk Science.” The 1997 release was remixed by Brian Transeau & Danny Tenaglia, and Brother Brown.