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Bryan Ferry
“Limbo” (US Promo)
1988 Reprise Records (US)

01 Limbo (Latin Version)
02 Limbo (Brooklyn Version)
03 Limbo (LP Version)
04 Limbo (Latin Mix)

Bryan Ferry
1988 Virgin Records Ltd (UK)
VSCD 1066

01 Limbo (Latin Mix)
02 Bête Noire (Instrumental)
03 Limbo (Brooklyn Dub Mix)

Co-written with Patrick Leonard, “Limbo” was the last of three singles released from Bryan Ferry’s 1987 album “Bête Noire,” and features remixes by Pascal Gabriel and Alan Meyerson

Kiss And Tell


Bryan Ferry
“Kiss And Tell”
1988 Virgin Records Ltd (UK)

01 Kiss And Tell (Edit)
02 Kiss And Tell (Dub Mix)
03 Zamba
04 Kiss And Tell (Dance Mix)

“Kiss And Tell” was the second single issued from Bryan Ferry’s “Bête Noire” LP. The release peaked at 41 on the UK Singles Chart, and 31 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1988.

The Right Stuff


Bryan Ferry
“The Right Stuff”
1987 Virgin Records Ltd (UK)

01 The Right Stuff (Single Mix)
02 The Right Stuff (Dance Mix)
03 The Right Stuff (Dub Mix)

“The Right Stuff” was issued as the lead single from Bryan Ferry’s seventh solo album, “Bête Noire.”  The track’s foundation is derived from “Money Changes Everything”, an instrumental written by Johnny Marr for the B-side of The Smiths’ single “Bigmouth Strikes Again”, released a year earlier. The track was mixed by Alan Meyerson and edited by The Latin Rascals.

The Smiths “Money Changes Everything”

Shameless (UK Promo)

Bryan Ferry - Shameless

Bryan Ferry
2010 Virgin Records Ltd (UK)
Promo CD-R

01 Shameless
02 Shameless (Still Going Remix)
03 Shameless (Still Going Instumental)
04 Shameless (Pilooski Remix)
05 Shameless (UltraDelux Remix)
06 Shameless (Tong & Rogers Wonderland Remix)
07 Shameless (Mylo Remix)
08 Shameless (Mylo Radio Edit)
09 Shameless (Mylo Instrumental)
10 Shameless (Kaos Remix)

Andy Cato & Tom Findlay co-wrote “Shameless” with Bryan Ferry; the track appears on Groove Armada’s LP “Black Light” and Ferry’s album “Olympia”, both released in 2010.

Dance With Life


01 Dance With Life [The Brilliant Light] (Edit)
02 Dance With Life [The Brilliant Light] (Full Version)
03 Is Your Love Strong Enough? (Long Version)
04 Help Me

INFO > Bryan Ferry is no stranger to a soundtrack—his music has been featured in multiple movies, dating back to the 1976 flop “All This And World War II”, and more recently in the 2013 cinematic adaptation of “The Great Gatsby.” Penned by Bernie Taupin and produced by Trevor Horn, “Dance With Life” was recorded for the 1996 fantasy film “Phenomenon.” The single release includes two more of Ferry’s soundtrack contributions: “Is Your Long Strong Enough?” from 1985’s “Legend”; and “Help Me” from the 1986 remake of “The Fly.”

LIVE > The legendary Mr. Ferry will grace Philadelphia’s historic Tower Theater this evening as part of a globe-trotting tour to promote his pending new album, “Avonmore.” Ferry is expected to perform classic songs from his 40+ year solo career, as well as choice tracks from the Roxy Music catalog.

Love Is The Drug (1996)

Very special thanks to Musicus for sharing this addictive single.


01 Love Is The Drug (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Edit)
02 Love Is The Drug (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix)
03 Love Is The Drug (Original Version)
04 Love Is The Drug (Rollo & Sister Bliss Deep Mix)

INFO > The 1990s were the defining decade for dance culture, giving popular rise to the remix, the mix album, the superclub, and the superstar DJ. During that halcyon period, many classic tunes were dusted off and polished up for new audiences. Roxy Music’s 1975 hit “Love Is The Drug” was injected with new energy by Rowland Armstrong and Ayalah Bentovim for this 1996 reissue.

What’s the deal with Ferry’s eyepatch?

Bryan Ferry – Limbo (US Promo)

Bryan Ferry
1988 Reprise Records (US)

01. Limbo (Latin Version) 04:21
02. Limbo (Brooklyn Version) 03:58
03. Limbo (LP Version) 05:00
04. Limbo (Latin Mix) 06:39

INFO > The UK commercial issue of “Limbo” was posted back in March 2011; curiously, that was the most dl-ed file before MF pulled the plug this past May (although I’m always suspicious of their stats; FYI – it’s back up). The ‘Brooklyn Version’ is digitally exclusive to this promo, as is the ‘Latin Version’ here with the cold ending.


Bryan Ferry – Limbo

Bryan Ferry
1988 Virgin Records Ltd (UK)
VSCD 1066

01. Limbo (Latin Mix) 06:41
02. Bête Noire (Instrumental) 05:07
03. Limbo (Brooklyn Dub Mix) 08:21
04. Limbo (Latin Version)* 04:11

*Bonus track

INFO > In addition to fronting Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry has sustained a remarkable solo career for close to 40 years. Co-written with Patrick Leonard, “Limbo” was the last of three singles released from Ferry’s seventh album, “Bête Noire,” and features remixes by Pascal Gabriel and Alan Meyerson (whose sound mixing talents recently helped score an Oscar for “Inception”).