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01 Happiness (7″ Mix)
02 Happiness (Forthright Club Mix)
03 Happiness (Forthright Dub)
04 Happiness (Claudio Coccolutto Mix)
05 Happiness (Boxcar Down Under Mix)

INFO > While best known as Pet Shop Boys’ longtime studio technician, Pete Gleadall has also produced original material and remixes under the name Forthright. Released in 1996, “Happiness” was Gleadall’s third artist single, and features remixes from Claudio Coccolutto and Boxcar.

Gas Stop (US Promo)


01 Gas Stop [Who Do You Think You Are] (Single Version)
02 Lelore (Original Mix)
03 Insect (Single Mix)
04 Gas Stop [Who Do You Think You Are] (High Octane Mix)

INFO > This upbeat 1990 tune from Australian synthpop group Boxcar was remixed by François Kevorkian. The release also includes edits of earlier single “Insect” and “Gas Stop” follow-up “Lelore.”