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Strangelove (US Promo)


Depeche Mode
“Strangelove” (US Promo)
1988 Sire Records (US)

01 Strangelove (Remix Edit)
02 Strangelove (7″ Version)
03 Strangelove (7″ Blind Edit)
04 Strangelove (Highjack Mix)

Apparently unhappy with the original release of “Strangelove” in 1987, Sire Records commissioned new remixes and reissued the single the following year. The US promo CD includes three digitally exclusive edits.

Here’s the 1988 US promotional video using the album mix:

Keep Giving Me Love


01 Keep Giving Me Love (7″ Mix Edit)
02 Keep Giving Me Love (Tribal Love Mix)
03 Keep Giving Me Love (Ubiquity Mix)
04 Moody (Extended Club Mix)

INFO > Following the dancefloor-friendly debut of 1988’s “Into The Dragon”, Tim Simenon ventured into “Unknown Territory”, Bomb The Bass’ sophomore album. The BTB sound transformed during the early 1990s, with Simenon pioneering new styles that would ultimately evolve into trip hop and big beat. 1992’s “Keep Giving Me Love” is a reworked version of “Love So True”, the lead single from “Unknown Territory.” The release includes a remix by Shem McCauley (under his Streetsahead guise) along with an inspired cover of ESG’s “Moody.”



01 Electrofear (Beastmix)
02 Electrofear (Shemsijo Mix)
03 Electrofear (Dogmix)

INFO > Depending on your fancy, Nation 12 was:

A) An experimental project of Dennis Leigh
B) An extension of Bomb The Bass
C) A precursor to Ramp/Slacker
D) All of the above

Comprising John Foxx, Kurt Rogers, Tim Simenon, Simon Rogers, and the late Shem McCauley, the short-lived Nation 12 released only two singles: “Remember” (1990) and “Electrofear” (1991), both on Rhythm King. However, the collective also recorded an album’s worth of tracks, which finally saw the light of day via Tape Modern in 2005.



01 Habiba (Bomb The Bass 12″ Remix)
02 Habiba (Bomb The Bass 7″ Remix)
03 Habiba (Version Originale)
04 Habiba (The Bombay Mix)

INFO > Bollywood film composer Alokesh ‘Bappi’ Lahiri helped popularize the use of electronic disco music in Hindi cinema. Lahiri’s work was very influential in his native India and beyond, and has been sampled and covered by many international artists. Remixed by Tim Simenon and Mark Saunders, 1988 single “Habiba” preceded the release of Lahiri’s 1990 album, “Snakedance.”

Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis (US Promo)

01 Beat Dis (Radio Edit)
02 Beat Dis (Extended Dis)
03 Beat Dis (Bonus Beats)
04 Beat Dis (Dub Dis)

INFO > In 1987, Tim Simenon debuted the sample-heavy sound of Bomb The Bass. Co-produced with Pascal Gabriel, “Beat Dis” was a massive UK hit, reaching 2 on the Singles Chart. Along with similarly successful sample-based singles by M|A|R|R|S and S’Express, Simenon’s “Beat Dis” helped pioneer the concept of DJ culture and contributed to the rise of the DJ superstar.