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You Make Me Feel So Good (1997)


01 You Make Me Feel So Good (Girl Eats Boy Drunk On Funk Mix)
02 You Make Me Feel So Good (Ernie & Bert Deep ‘N’ Hard Mix)
03 You Make Me Feel So Good (Blue Amazon’s Electramind Mix)
04 You Make Me Feel So Good (The Project Mix)

INFO > As Drum Club, Charlie Hall and Lol Hammond produced six singles, two LPs, a live album, and a couple dozen remixes before parting ways in 1996. The duo’s debut single was “U Make Me Feel So Good”, released on Guerilla Records in 1992, and remixed and reissued by Jackpot in 1997.

Beyond The Javelin


Lee Softley and James Reid met in Huddersfield while both were attending an introductory sound recording course in the early-1990s. The pair began experimenting with sounds and merging their musical influences to create something new, and thus was born Blue Amazon. Their first single was “Hyper Sleep”, released on a small independent imprint in 1993. Searching for a proper label, the duo sent out demos that ultimately reached Seven Webster, whose 7PM management clients included Sasha, John Digweed, Brian Transeau, StoneBridge, and Shiva. Webster realized Blue Amazon’s potential and set up Jackpot Records as an outlet for BA’s burgeoning epic house sound. The label’s first release, “Four Seasons”, was promptly played by Sasha and Digweed—the connection between 7PM and Jackpot proved convenient and fruitful.

With rapidly building success from their own productions and remixes for other artists, Softley and Reid signed with Sony’s S3 label in 1997; however, the contract would be short lived. S3 issued BA’s sole album, “The Javelin”, along with new mixes of “And Then The Rain Falls” and “No Other Love.” BA then moved to the Subversive label and recorded a trio of singles with more of an indie band feel. Around that same time in the late-90s, Softley and Reid founded Convert Recordings to distribute music by artists they liked, along with the occasional new BA offering. James Reid parted ways with Lee Softley in 2001, leaving Softley to carry on Blue Amazon as a solo project.

“Beyond The Javelin” compiles Blue Amazon’s Jackpot singles, reworks of material from “The Javelin”, and BA’s DMC remixes for other artists. As he did for the blog’s other custom collections, graphic designer Harry3 conceived the elegant artwork, which reprises clever elements first featured on the Skinnymalinky compilation posted last month. Ya gotta love the guy’s style…


If you’re looking for more Blue Amazon, I recommend the very affordable digital release, “The Hybrid”, a best of collection that expands upon the concept of “Beyond The Javelin” (and with only a minimal number of redundant tracks). You’ll find the best deal for “The Hybrid” at 7Digital: $6.99 (US site) or £5.49 (UK site).

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And Then The Rain Falls


01 And Then The Rain Falls (Radio Edit)
02 And Then The Rain Falls (Original Mix)
03 And Then The Rain Falls (Jamie Myerson Remix)
04 And Then The Rain Falls (Mark Turner Epical Hop Mix)
05 And Then The Rain Falls (Javelin Mix)
06 And Then The Rain Falls (Angel’s Garage Dub)
07 And Then The Rain Falls (Blame Remix)

INFO > Released in 1997, “And Then The Rain Falls” was Blue Amazon’s fourth and final 12″ for Jackpot, and the group’s first single for Sony’s S3 dance imprint. The original mix is a massively building epic house classic; however, the remixes are mostly disposable, with the exception of Angel Moraes’ hypnotic dub.



01 Rain (Al Stone Mix)
02 In My Arms (B.B.E. Mix)
03 First Contact (Vocal Mix)
04 Rain (Live In San Francisco)
05 Sometimes (Live In Oxford)
06 Love To Hate You (Live In Oxford)
07 Rain (Jon Pleased Wimmin Vocal Mix)
08 Sometimes (John ‘00’ Fleming’s Full Vocal Club Mix)
09 In My Arms (Dekkard Vocal)
10 Rain (Blue Amazon Twisted Circles Mix)
11 First Contact (Instrumental)

INFO > With remixes galore, live recordings, and a B-side that was allegedly rejected for use in “Star Trek: First Contact”, this 1997 EP from Erasure provided great value for money.

LIVE > Later today, I’ll be traveling to Atlantic City, New Jersey to see Erasure perform to a sold-out crowd at The Borgata Hotel Casino. The dynamic duo are touring in support of their 16th studio album, “The Violet Flame.” The opening act is Brian Transeau’s new project, All Hail The Silence, featuring vocalist Christian Burns (BT also remixed Erasure’s new single, “Elevation”).

Get Higher


01 Get Higher (Album Version)
02 Get Higher (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix)
03 Get Higher (Lunatic Calm Remix)
04 Rubberband (Moonshine Vocal Mix)
05 Rubberband (Late Night Cheeba Mix)

INFO > Comprising Shaun Ryder and Bez (Happy Mondays), Kermit and Ged Lynch (Ruthless Rap Assassins), Paul Wagstaff (Paris Angels), and Danny Saber, Black Grape could be described as Happy Mondays on steroids (which is probably one of the few drugs that Ryder hasn’t tried). The indie ‘supergroup’ produced two albums and seven singles in the mid-1990s. “Get Higher” was one of the band’s last releases, featuring remixes from Rollo & Sister Bliss, Lunatic Calm, and Blue Amazon.

Heaven [Feel An Extremity]


01 Heaven (Radio Edit)
02 Heaven (Radio Mix)
03 Heaven (Blue Amazon Remix)
04 Heaven (Kulturni Program Remix)
05 Heaven (Sky Soaring Remix)
06 Heaven (Way Out West Remix)*
07 Heaven (James Holden’s Ariane Dub)*

*Bonus tracks

INFO > As Ultra Violet, Simon Allert and Sandra Baschin recorded only two singles, of which 2000’s “Heaven” is the better known. The release was jointly issued by MFS in Germany and Silver Planet Recordings in the UK, although this CD single is a product of BMG Berlin Musik. Added as bonus tracks are the Way Out West and James Holden reworks exclusive to the Silver Planet package.

Jackpot Presents Guerilla EP


01 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Carl Cox & PvD Radio Mix)
02 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Carl Cox & PvD Mix)
03 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Atlas’ 1st Addition Mix)
04 Tenth Chapter – Whiteland
05 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Girl Eats Boy Mix)
06 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Ernie & Bert Mix)
07 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Blue Amazon Mix)
08 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (The Project Mix)
09 React 2 Rhythm – Intoxication (Leftfield’s Clubfield Mix)

INFO > Exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, this 1997 release combines two remixed Guerilla singles issued by Jackpot, with a React 2 Rhythm track tacked on for good measure.

Alex Reece – Candles

Alex Reece
1996 4th & Broadway (UK)
BRCD 333

01. Candles (Radio Edit)
02. Candles (DJ Pulse Mix)
03. Candles (Blue Amazon Angel Of The North Vocal Mix)

INFO > In the mid-1990s, junglist Alex Reece helped develop drum ‘n’ bass subgenres jazzstep and techstep—his 1995 single “Pulp Fiction” is an influential classic. “Candles” is a much lighter affair; DJ Pulse provides a tech touch, while Blue Amazon incorporate the vocal into an epic house mix.


Emma Townshend – Five-A-Side Football (The Remixes)

Emma Townshend
“Five-A-Side Football” (The Remixes)
1998 EastWest Records (UK)

01. Five-A-Side-Football (Blue Amazon’s Dolphin Talk Vocal Mix)
02. Five-A-Side-Football (Blue Amazon’s Breathing Dub)
03. Five-A-Side-Football (Blue Amazon’s Radio Edit)
04. Five-A-Side-Football (Blue Amazon’s Instrumental)

INFO > Emma Townshend is the oldest daughter of legendary guitarist Pete Townshend and Karen Astley, the daughter of composer Edwin Astley (Ted’s other children are producer Jon Astley and singer Virginia Astley). Given that impressive musical lineage, it seemed inevitable that Emma would have a go in the studio. “Five-A-Side Football” is the second of two singles taken from Emma’s album, “Winterland.” The original tune is a soft, piano driven piece similar to the work of Tori Amos; Blue Amazon convert the track into a progressive house experience.

Emma now teaches courses at Oxford; is a regular contributor to The Independent on Sunday and The Times; and wrote Darwin’s Dogs, detailing Charles Darwin’s study of canine cohorts in demonstrating his theory of evolution.


Curve – Coming Up Roses (US Promo)

“Coming Up Roses”
1998 Universal Records (US)

01. Coming Up Roses (Jeremy Wheatley’s Full Mix)
02. Coming Up Roses (Danny Saber Full Length)
03. Coming Up Roses (Blue Amazon’s Crystaline Vocal Mix)
04. Coming Up Roses (Blue Amazon’s Quad Club Mix)
05. Coming Up Roses (Calcutta Cyber Mix)
06. Coming Up Roses (Red Star Yellow Star Mix)
07. Coming Up Roses (Kevin Shields Mix)

INFO > Following initial success in the early-1990s, Dean Garcia and Toni Halliday took an extended break from Curve and then reformed later in the decade. “Coming Up Roses” was the second of three singles released to promote Curve’s third album, “Come Clean.” Breaking up the multiple downtempo indie variations is Blue Amazon’s percolating Quad Club Mix.