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Feel Every Beat


01 Feel Every Beat (Single Remix)
02 Feel Every Beat (Tactile Mix)
03 Feel Every Beat (Downstairs Mix)
04 Lean To The Inside
05 Feel Every Beat (12″ Remix)
06 Feel Every Beat (DNA Remix)
07 Second To None

FACT > 1991’s “Feel Every Beat” was Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr’s third single as Electronic. The US issue features exclusive mixes by Dave Shaw & Winston Jones, UK remixes from Danny Rampling & Pete Lorimer and DNA, and Stephen Hague’s 7″ Remix. Also included are two excellent B-sides; instrumental “Lean To The Inside” is one of my favorite Electronic tracks, sounding like a theme for a British detective series.

Electronic – Until The End Of Time

Today, 21 December 2012, is the last recorded day of the ancient Mesoamerican long count calendar—the end of time…


01 Until The End Of Time (K-Klassic Mix)
02 Until The End Of Time (Fluffy Dice Remix)
03 Until The End Of Time (Sweet Dub)
04 Until The End Of Time (Soulboy Collective 7″ Version)

INFO > “Until The End Of Time” was the fourth single taken from Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr’s sophomore effort, “Raise The Pressure.” Only 5,000 copies of this limited edition CD were pressed, available exclusively via the Electronic mailing list.

Sub Sub – This Time I’m Not Wrong

01 This Time I’m Not Wrong (Edit)
02 This Time I’m Not Wrong
03 Heads Will Roll (Instrumental Demo)
04 Fire Suite

FACT > Factory director and New Order manager Rob Gretton set up dance imprint Robs Records in 1990. The Robs artist roster included former Factory act A Certain Ratio, Beat Club, Strange Brew, Gold Coast, Red Seal, and Sub Sub. The latter produced a handful of house hits in the early-90s, including UK Top 10 tune “Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use).” However, Sub Sub quickly lost favor in clubland, and switched their style to indie rock. Featuring Bernard Sumner on vocals, “This Time I’m Not Wrong” (CD ROB 53) would be a pivotal turning point in the band’s evolution into Doves. The single was the last product issued by Robs Records; subsequent early EPs by Doves were released through Robs sublabel Casino.

Robs Records, along with associated labels Manchester Records and Pleasure Music, ceased operations following Rob Gretton’s passing on 15 May 1999.

Electronic – Disappointed

01 Disappointed (7″ Mix)
02 Disappointed (12″ Remix)
03 Idiot Country Two
04 Disappointed (Original Mix)
05 Gangster (FBI Mix)

FACT > Although “Disappointed” was assigned a Factory catalog number (FAC 348), and the label’s logo appears on the sleeve, the single was released via Parlophone. Neil Tennant handles lead vocal duties, and 808 State remixed the track; the single mix is also included on the soundtrack to the 1992 film, “Cool World.” Different B-sides feature on both sides of the Atlantic: the UK issue has the Stereo MC’s take on “Idiot Country”, while the US received a re-edit of “Gangster” produced by John Pillin and Steve Smith of the Art of Mix DJ promo service.

Electronic – Get The Message

01 Get The Message (7″)
02 Get The Message (12″)
03 Free Will (7″)
04 Free Will (12″)
05 Get The Message (DNA Groove Mix)
06 Get The Message (DNA Sin Mix)
07 Get The Message (Single Mix)

FACT > The title track from Electronic’s debut album, “Get The Message” was Sumner and Marr’s second single (FAC 287).

NOTE > Does anyone have the US promo CD?

Electronic – Getting Away With It

“Getting Away With It”
1990 Warner Bros. Records (US)
9 21498-2

01. Getting Away With It
02. Getting Away With It (Extended Version)
03. Getting Away With It (Instrumental)
04. Lucky Bag
05. Getting Away With It (Nude Mix)
06. Getting Away With It (Vocal Remix)
07. Lucky Bag (Miami Edit)

FACT > Bernard Sumner. Johnny Marr. Neil Tennant. Anne Dudley. David Palmer. Graeme Park. Mike Pickering. Peter Saville. Factory. Electronic. Brilliant.

Getting Away With It
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The Chemical Brothers – Out Of Control

The Chemical Brothers
“Out Of Control”
1999 Virgin Records Ltd (JP)

01. Out Of Control (Radio Edit) 04:00
02. Power Move 04:11
03. Out Of Control (Sasha Remix) 07:20
04. Out Of Control (Sasha Club Mix) 11:02
05. Out Of Control (Sasha Instrumental) 13:22

INFO > Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons recruited indie dance elder statesman Bernard Sumner for vocals on “Out Of Control,” taken from The Chemical Brothers’ 1999 album, “Surrender.” The already great collaboration is made even better with some inspired knob-twiddling by Sasha.

Out Of Control
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A Certain Ratio – Shack Up (1994)

A Certain Ratio
“Shack Up”
1994 Creation Records (UK)

01. Shack Up (Radio Edit) 04:20
02. Shack Up (Work Mix) 06:09
03. Shack Up (Wipe Out Edit) 04:16
04. Life’s A Scream (Shaven Not Stirred Mix) 06:02

FACT > Back in 1994, the Creation label made a brilliant acquisition: A Certain Ratio’s back catalog from their Factory years. As well as reissuing ACR’s original albums (with almost all appearing on CD for the first time), Creation also commissioned a remix project involving predominantly Mancunian producers. Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr (Electronic) reworked “Shack Up”, while former ACR band member Andy Connell revisited “Life’s A Scream” in a new mix exclusive to this release.

SHACK UP (1994)

Technotronic – Rockin’ Over The Beat / Techno Medley (US Promo)

“Rockin’ Over The Beat / Techno Medley”
1990 SBK Records (US)

01. Rockin’ Over The Beat (Rockin’ Over Manchester Hacienda Edit)
02. Techno Medley (Pettibone Radio Mix)
03. Rockin’ Over The Beat (Rockin’ Over Manchester Hacienda Mix)
04. Techno Medley (Pettibone Mix)

INFO > New Order’s Bernard Sumner was enlisted to remix the last single taken from Technotronic’s 1989 debut album. This US promo joins Sumner’s ‘Hacienda’ mix with a megamix by Shep Pettibone (the 05:22 edit is unique to this release).

As a personal aside, I firmly agree with the political statement on the insert: Ban Ivory/Save The Elephants.


A Certain Ratio – Won’t Stop Loving You

A Certain Ratio
“Won’t Stop Loving You”
1990 A&M Records (UK)

01. Won’t Stop Loving You (Remix Edit) 03:48
02. Repercussions 04:48
03. Love Is The Way (Instrumental) 04:02
04. Won’t Stop Loving You (Remix) 06:48

FACT > After leaving Factory Records in 1987, A Certain Ratio signed with major label A&M and released six singles and two albums between June 1989 and July 1990 (remixes of “Shack Up” were also produced during this period but never made commercially available). Refined for the dancefloor by Bernard Sumner, “Won’t Stop Loving You” is essentially a remix of ACR’s first A&M single, “The Big E” (ACR 514). Additional mixes by Norman Cook were also issued on 12″.