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Your Love Takes Me Higher


The Beloved
“Your Love Takes Me Higher”
1989 WEA Records Ltd (UK)

01 Your Love Takes Me Higher
02 Paradise (My Darling, My Angel)
03  Your Love Takes Me Higher (Rise Up Higher)
04  Your Love Takes Me Higher (Beautiful Mix)

The Sun Rising (1997)

EW122CD1   EW122CD2

The Beloved
“The Sun Rising”
1997 EastWest (UK)
EW122CD1 / EW122CD2

01 The Sun Rising
02 The Sun Rising (Back To The Future)
03 The Sun Rising (Tom’s Drum & Bass Mix)
04 The Sun Rising (Zanzibar Has Risen)
05 The Sun Rising (Deep Breath Vocal Mix)
06  The Sun Rising (Danny’s ‘Love Is…’ Mix)
07 The Sun Rising (Mark’s Deep House Mix)
08 The Sun Rising (Deeply Satisfying)
09 The Sun Rising (Deep Breath Dub)
10 The Sun Rising (Rising Mix)

Talking With Myself ’98


01 Talking With Myself ’98 (Canny Radio Edit)
02 Talking With Myself ’98 (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
03 Talking With Myself ’98 (Canny Remix)
04 Talking With Myself ’98 (Beloved Radio Edit)
05 Talking With Myself ’98 (Blue Horizon)
06 Talking With Myself ’98 (Canny Dub)

INFO > In forging a music career, German vocalist Billie Ray Martin (Birgit Dieckmann) sought to combine “the intellectual and the emotional” into her artistic output. To that end, Martin joined up with four lads from Birmingham to form Electribe 101. The first fruits of the group’s labor was “Talking With Myself”, which faired poorly as a single upon its initial release in 1988, but achieved greater success when re-released two years later. In 1998, the tune was revisited by Manifesto, which commissioned new remixes from Canny and The Beloved.

Angelpie – Tin Foil Valley / She


“Tin Foil Valley / She”
1993 Oxygen (UK)
GASP D12 / GASX D12 / GASP D13

01. Tin Foil Valley (7″ Mix)
02. Tin Foil Valley (Rapino Mix)
03. Tin Foil Valley (Do You Call That Music? Instrumental)
04. Tin Foil Valley (Plastic Bagism Vocal Mix)
05. Tin Foil Valley (Tangerine Pie Mix)
06. Tin Foil Valley (Rocking Horse Dub)
07. Tin Foil Valley (Serious Rope Mix)
08. Tin Foil Valley (Serious Rope Instrumental)
09. Tin Foil Valley (Serious Rope Dub)
10. She
11. Sol

2, 3 > Remixed by The Rapino Brothers
4, 5, 6 > Remixed by Jon & Helena Marsh (The Beloved)
7, 8, 9 > Remixed by Serious Rope

INFO > Angelpie comprised producer Mark Saunders, guitarist John McEvoy, and vocalist Marina Van-Rooy. The short-lived group produced two singles and an unreleased album for MCA sublabel, Oxygen. All tracks from the trio’s three CD singles are collected and re-sequenced here.

Tin Foil Valley / She

The Beloved – Deliver Me

The Beloved
“Deliver Me”
1996 EastWest Records (UK)

01. Deliver Me
02. Deliver Me (Extended)
03. Deliver Me (Eau De Livami Vocal)
04. Deliver Me (Salt City Vocal)
05. Deliver Me (Coco Dub)
06. Deliver Me (Robodisco Dub)

INFO > Housed up by Salt City Orchestra and The Beloved, this beautiful ballad is the lead track from the LP, “X.”


The Beloved – Ease The Pressure

The Beloved
“Ease The Pressure”
1996 EastWest Records (UK)

01. Ease The Pressure
02. Ease The Pressure (Club Vocal)
03. Ease The Pressure (Guitarapella Bonus Freaks Bass Dub)
04. Ease The Pressure (Backroom Vocal)
05. Ease The Pressure (Switchback)

INFO > Drawing inspiration from Ron Trent’s “Altered States”, “Ease The Pressure” was the second single off The Beloved’s third studio album, “X.” The lengthy ‘Guitarapella Bonus Freaks Bass Dub’ comes courtesy of Derrick Carter & Chris Nazuka (aka Red Nail).


The Beloved – Satellite

The Beloved
1996 EastWest Records (UK)

01. Satellite
02. Satellite (Transformer Vocal)
03. Satellite (Height 611’s Kundalini Rising Mix)
04. Satellite (Freedom Vocal)
05. Satellite (High Lite Dub)

INFO > This upbeat house number was the first single taken from Jon and Helena Marsh’s brilliant LP, “X.” With little new material released since, The Beloved are long overdue for a new album.