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Hey DJ / I Can’t Dance [To That Music You’re Playing]

Betty Boo And The Beatmasters
“Hey DJ / I Can’t Dance [To That Music You’re Playing]”
1990 Sire Records (US)
9 40025-2

01 Hey DJ / I Can’t Dance (Single Version)
02 Hey DJ / I Can’t Dance (Razormaid Mix)
03 Hey DJ / I Can’t Dance (Lesson One Mix)
04 Boo’s Boogie (U.K. 12″ Mix)
05 Hey DJ / I Can’t Dance (Club House Mix)
06 Hey DJ / I Can’t Dance (Rock Steady Dub)

Betty Boo (Alison Clarkson) is one of the most adorable pop stars ever to rock a mic. After a brief stint rapping with She Rockers, Betty hooked up with The Beatmasters to record “Hey DJ / I Can’t Dance (To That Music You’re Playing)”, which was a UK hit single in 1989. The belated US release features exclusive new remixes and an extended version of instrumental “Boo’s Boogie.”

Adored And Explored


Marc Almond
“Adored And Explored”
1995 Mercury (UK)
MERCD 431 / MERDD 431

01 Adored And Explored (7″ Edit)
02 The User
03 Loveless World
04 Adored And Explored (Andy Meecham’s Slow Fat Dub)
05 Adored And Explored (Beatmasters 12″ Take 1 Mix)
06 Adored And Explored (Andy Meecham’s Big Long Club Mix)
07 Adored And Explored (X-Press 2 Extremexcess Mix)
08 Adored And Explored (Kung Fu Mix)

“Adored And Explored” was the first single released in advance of Marc Almond’s ninth solo album, “Fantastic Star.” Featuring remixes by Beatmasters, Andy Meecham, X-Press 2, and Messiah, “Adored And Explored” reached 25 on the UK Singles Chart. Unique tracks from both CD singles are consolidated here.

Behind The Wheel (US Promo)


Depeche Mode
“Behind The Wheel” (US Promo)
1988 Sire Records (US)

01 Behind The Wheel (7″ Remix)
02 Behind The Wheel / Route 66 (Mega-Single Mix)
03 Route 66 / Behind The Wheel (Mega-Single Mix)
04 Behind The Wheel / Route 66 (Megamix)
05 Behind The Wheel (Beatmasters Mix)
06 Behind The Wheel (Extended Remix)

While the boys from Basildon have popped up on several compilations featured here, Depeche Mode has never been the focus of a post until now. “Behind The Wheel” is one of my favorite DM singles, and while the album version is the definitive mix, the remixes are excellent. Shep Pettibone and The Beatmasters pep up the beats to make the track more dancefloor-friendly, while Ivan Baker creates a megamix with B-side “Route 66.”

Could This Be Love?

Today’s post is kindly sponsored by Rob :-)


01 Could This Be Love? (Beatmasters 7″ Mix)
02 Could This Be Love? (Diss-Cuss Vocal Mix)
03 Could This Be Love? (D.O.P. Spookie Billy Ray Mix)
04 Could This Be Love? (Night Fever Mix)

INFO > I had never heard of Kerry Shaw before receiving this obscure single from Rob. Released in 1993, “Could This Be Love?” was Shaw’s debut release as a solo artist. Co-written with Band Of Gypsies’ Nigel Swanston and Tim Cox, the song includes the clever lyric, “You’re not essential but I think you’ve got potential,” which also aptly summed up Shaw’s career at that time. She would later join EMF guitarist Ian Dench and violist James Topham in the short-lived indie pop group Whistler. After that, Shaw issued a mini-album under the alias Real Emotional Girl before pursuing other artistic endeavors.

You’re No Good

Musicus is very good for sharing this single – irie mon!


01 You’re No Good (7″ Beatmasters Mix)
02 You’re No Good (Aswad Mix)
03 You’re No Good (12″ Beatmasters Mix)
04 Rhythm Of Life

INFO > Penned by Clint Ballard, Jr., “You’re No Good” was first recorded by Dee Dee Warwick in 1963. Later that year, another version cut by Betty Everett achieved moderate chart success. Numerous artists have covered the song since, the most successful being Linda Ronstadt’s 1974 single release, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Aswad’s reggae take from 1995 was remixed by The Beatmasters: Richard Walmsley, Amanda Glanfield, and Paul Carter.


Special thanks to Nedzad for sharing this one—yeah mon!


01 Shine (Beatmasters 7″ Mix)
02 Shine (Beatmasters 12″ Mix)
03 Pickin’ Up
04 Shine (Majorwad Mix)

INFO > Internationally renowned reggae group Aswad formed 30 years ago in London, and the band still continues to record and perform. Released in 1994, “Shine” was the lead single from “Rise And Shine”; a remix from The Beatmasters helped propel the song into the top 5 of the UK Singles Chart.

I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

CDR6370   CDRS6370

01 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
02 Too Many People
03 Violence (Haçienda Version)
04 West End Girls (Sasha Remix)
05 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (7″ Mix)
06 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Extended Nude Mix)
07 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Wild Pitch Mix)
08 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Grandballroom Mix)
09 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Wild Pitch Dub)
10 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Club Mix)
11 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Voxigen Mix)
12 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Radio Edit)
13 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (eLeMeNOhPeaQ Edit)

INFO > “I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing” was the third of five singles released from Pet Shop Boys’ 1993 album, “Very.” Consolidated here are all nine tracks from the two UK CD singles, additional mixes from European CD singles, the Beatmasters Radio Edit from a UK promo, and a special edit of the Nude Mix. Very special thanks to Andrei and eLeMeNOhPeaQ for their contributions.

LIVE > Pet Shop Boys are bringing their “Electric” tour to The Mann Center in Philadelphia this evening. The only other time that PSB played in Philly was over a decade ago, in 2002 (still trying to figure out why I missed that show). Situated between the more desirable destinations of NY and DC, Philadelphia tends to get passed over by many artists on tour. Also, the casino resorts of Atlantic City, NJ have been luring bigger acts away from Philly for years. Frankly, I’d much rather attend concerts in Manhattan, but it’s not always logistically convenient. However, The Mann’s open-air amphitheatre is quite conducive to having a good time, especially when the weather is just right.

The Shamen – Move Any Mountain

The Shamen
1990 One Little Indian Records (UK)

01. Progen (Land Of Oz Mix)
02. Lightspan (Ben Chapman Mix)
03. Pregen (Steve Osborne Edit)


The Shamen
1991 One Little Indian Records (UK)

01. Move Any Mountain (Bang To The Beat Of The Drum)
02. Move Any Mountain (The Joey Beltram Remix)
03. Move Any Mountain (Rising High Dub)
04. Move Any Mountain (Alta Vista/F2 Mello)
05. Move Any Mountain (The Prelude To Paradise)
06. Move Any Mountain (666 Edit)
07. Move Any Mountain (Land Of Oz Mix)
08. Move Any Mountain (C. Mix)
09. Move Any Mountain (Beat Edit)
10. Move Any Mountain (Rude Edit)
11. Move Any Mountain (Landslide Edit)
12. Move Any Mountain (F. Troop Edit)
13. Move Any Mountain (Oz Edit)
14. Move Any Mountain (Bang Edit)
15. The Sound Of Progen (Samples)


The Shamen
“Move Any Mountain (Progen 91)”
1991 Epic Records (US)
49K 74043

01. Move Any Mountain (I.R.P. In The Land Of Oz)
02. Move Any Mountain (Landslide Vox)
03. Move Any Mountain (666 Edit)
04. Move Any Mountain (Alta Vista/F2 Mello)
05. Move Any Mountain (Beatmasters Dub)
06. Move Any Mountain (Mountains In The Sky)
07. Move Any Mountain (C. Mix)
08. Sample – Bass
09. Sample – Trumpets
10. Sample – Guitar
11. Sample – Keyboards
12. Sample – Sax
13. Sample – Oz Loop
14. Sample – Beltram Loop
15. Sample – Devil Loop
16. Sample – MAM Lo Vox
17. Sample – MAM Hi Vox
18. Sample – MAM Harmony
19. Sample – Monkeys
20. Sample – Bang To The Beat Vox
21. Sample – No 1 Vox
22. Sample – C. Rap
23. Sample – Colin Rap


INFO > Mixes by Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne, Joey Beltram, Tommy Musto & Frankie Bones, Caspar Pound, ‘Evil’ Eddie Richards, Bryan ‘Chuck’ New, The Kid & Jon, Paul Gotel, Mr. C., F. Troop, The Beatmasters… am I missing anyone?