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VC Recordings Summer Sampler


Various Artists
“VC Recordings Summer Sampler”
1998 VC Recordings (UK)

01 Tin Tin Out – Sometimes (Matt Darey Remix)
02 Amira – My Desire (Club Asylum Classic Vocal Mix)
03 The Grant Nelson Project – Step 2 Me (Groove Vocal Mix)
04 Beat Foundation – Shelter (K-Klass Klub Mix)
05 Santos & Sabino – Lararari [Canzone Felice] (Santos Disco)
06 Camisra – Let Me Show You (Tall Paul Remix)

This promotional sampler issued by Virgin Records dance imprint VC Recordings is remarkable for its inclusion of a rare K-Klass remix of “Shelter” by Beat Foundation (blog followers may be familiar with my fondness for Beat Foundation and the Skinnymalinky label). When Beat Foundation signed to VC Recordings in 1998, the label commissioned new mixes of “Shelter”, originally issued by Skinnymalinky two years earlier. The remixes by K-Klass and Big C were limited to a promo 12″, and unfortunately, Beat Foundation disbanded soon afterward.

Skinnymalinky Foundations

Skinnymalinky Foundations (Display)

01 Mothers Pride – Floribunda (Full Blossom Mix) 07:33
02 Alex Whitcombe – Ice Rain (Original Mix) 09:43
03 RAH Band – Living For The Nightlife (Main Disco Mix) 07:04
04 Yekuana – Canis Loopus (Thousand Rains) 07:25
05 Beat Foundation – Virginia (Golden Mix) 07:01
06 Vadis – Past And Present (The Past) 07:08
07 Beat Foundation – Foundations II (Main Mix) 07:23
08 Satellite – Early Bird (Original Mix) 06:40
09 Rumpus – Space Funk (The Caterpillar) 07:43
10 Beat Foundation – Save Me (Mike Monday Remix) 07:27

INFO > Andrew Cocup (aka Andy Cato aka Big C) founded Skinnymalinky Records in 1995; the progressive house label and its subsidiary Malinky Grooves issued 22 releases before folding in 1998. As Skinnymalinky was mainly a vinyl operation, compiled here are the few tracks from the imprint that were issued on CD.

I originally posted this custom collection in 2011, but was never quite happy with it—there was an error in one track, and it lacked artwork. However, “Skinnymalinky Foundations” is now a proper, finished product, thanks to the generous contributions of collaborators Harry3 and Andrei.

To begin the project, I re-ripped all of the tracks, each from a different source. Then audio wizard Andrei fixed a glitch in “Past And Present” and also carefully balanced the levels to achieve uniform volume. Last but certainly not least, Harry skillfully recreated Skinnymalinky’s generic 12″ sleeve and logo for the cover, and modified that design for the flipside, which includes circular tracklistings and some very clever and personal touches that firmly connect the compilation to this blog.

I’m well chuffed with this new version, and hoping it will delight old fans of the label, as well as convert some new followers. And thanks again to Harry3 and Andrei—I can’t praise you guys enough!


SMR00195 > Mothers Pride “Floribunda”
SMR00295 > Fatback Boogaloo “Wide Open Spaces”
SMR00395 > Beat Foundation “Save Me”
SMR00495 > Mothers Pride “Nightflight”
SMR00596 > Various “The Green EP”
SMR00696 > Rumpus “Feel Free”
SMR00796 > Big C “Daylight”
SMR00896 > Yekuana “Sarawak”
SMR00996 > Beat Foundation “Shelter EP” (Part 1)
SMR01096 > Beat Foundation “Shelter EP” (Part 2)
SMR01196 > Alex Whitcombe “Ice Rain”
SMR01296 > RAH Band “Living For The Nightlife”
SMR01396 > Dan Factory Spook “Same Old Acid, Same Old Lies”
SMR01496 > Sander Kleinenberg “Save The…”
SMR01597 > Rumpus “Atacama”
SMR01697 > Yekuana “Canis Loopus”
SMR01797 > Beat Foundation “Virginia”
SMR01897 > Vadis “Past And Present”
SMR01997 > Beat Foundation “Foundations II”
SMR02097 > Satellite “Early Bird”
SMR02198 > Rumpus “Spacefunk” [Unreleased]


MGR00196 > Malinky Grooves Volume 1 (6 Feet Under/Boomer)
MGR00296 > Malinky Grooves Volume 2 (Brainchild/Hide & Skin)
MGR00397 > Malinky Grooves Volume 3 (Life According To Bozo)


Moodswings – Together As One

“Together As One (Luminous)”
1997 Arista Records (UK)
74321 46554 2 / SWING 02

01. Together As One (Radio Edit)
02. Together As One (Trip Hop Mix)
03. Together As One (Drum & Bass Mix)
04. Together As One (Ambient Mix)
05. Together As One (World Mix)
06. Together As One (Mad Mix)
07. Together As One (Glow In The Dark Mix)
08. Together As One (Infinity Dub)
09. Together As One (7th Level Mix)

INFO > Grant Cunliffe and James Hood formed Moodswings in 1990 and debuted with a Balearic cover of “State Of Independence”, originally recorded by Jon Anderson and Vangelis in 1981. “Together As One” is taken from the duo’s sophomore album, “Psychedelicatessen”; the uninspired Moodswing mixes are balanced by better offerings from Beat Foundation.

Together As One (Luminous)

Junkster – Slide (UK Promo)

1997 BMG Entertainment (UK)

01. Slide (Album Version)
02. Slide (TNT Radio Edit)
03. Slide (Skinnymalinky Vocal Mix)
04. Slide (Tee’s Alternative Club Mix)
05. Slide (Rennie Pilgrem’s Vocal Mix)
06. Slide (Beat Foundation’s Infinity Dub)

INFO > Dublin’s Junkster were among the scores of 90s-era alternative bands that never made it big. The group’s debut single, “Slide”, sounds a bit like Portishead or Sneaker Pimps; however, Junkster’s lone album is stylistically varied. Looking for crossover appeal, RCA/BMG had “Slide” reworked by Todd Terry, Rennie Pilgrem, Andrea Parker, and Big C/Beat Foundation.


Art Of Silence – West 4

Art Of Silence
“West 4”
1996 Axiomattic Records

01. West 4 (Radio Edit)
02. West 4 (Man From Tooting Mix)
03. Giant Above

INFO > Former Art Of Noise band member J.J. Jeczalik released one album and three singles in the mid-1990s under the cheeky alias Art Of Silence. Debut “West 4” includes Beat Foundation’s ‘Man From Tooting Mix’ and ‘Crowd Control Dub.’


Solid Ocean – Wave

Solid Ocean
1996 M & G Records (UK)

01. Wave (Original 7″ Mix)
02. Wave (Original 12″ Mix)
03. Wave (Yojo Razzamatazz Mix)
04. Wave (Beat Foundation’s Ocean Floor Mix)
05. Wave (Beat Foundation’s Infinity Dub)

INFO > Solid Ocean was a one-off project by musician/producer Mark Bhalla, who is also the proprietor of Ocean Studios in Battersea. Bhalla’s original version of “Wave” is decent mid-’90s vocal house; Beat Foundation take the track to the next level.


Bizarre Inc – Surprise

Bizarre Inc
1996 Mercury Records (UK)

01. Surprise
02. Surprise (Bizarre Club Mix)
03. Surprise (Illinton’s Suprise Disco Dub)
04. Surprise (Dancing Divaz Club Mix)
05. Surprise (Beat Foundation’s Jack-in-the-Box Mix)

INFO > Bizarre Inc started in 1989 as a collaboration between DJs Dean Meredith and Mark Archer. After a couple of releases, Archer went on to form Nexus 21 and Altern 8 with Chris Peat, while Meredith continued Bizarre Inc as a trio with new members Andy Meecham and Carl Turner. 1991 single “Playing With Knives” was the act’s breakout hit; the addition of vocalist Angie Brown produced the chart topping “I’m Gonna Get You” the following year. The group signed with Some Bizarre in 1996 and released their third album and three singles before calling it quits. Meredith and Meecham still work together as Chicken Lips.


Various Artists – Skinnymalinky Records

Various Artists
“Skinnymalinky Records”
1995-1998 Skinnymalinky Records (UK)
2002 Gusto Records (UK)

01. Mothers Pride – Floribunda (Full Blossom Mix)
02. Alex Whitcombe – Ice Rain
03. The RAH Band – Living for the Nightlife (Main Disco Mix)
04. Yekuana – Canis Loopus (Thousand Rains)
05. Beat Foundation – Virginia (Golden Mix)
06. Vadis – Past And Present (The Present)
07. Beat Foundation – Foundations II (Main Mix)
08. Satellite – Early Bird (Original Mix)
09. Rumpus – Space Funk (The Caterpilla)
10. Beat Foundation – Save Me (Mike Monday Remix)

INFO > In 2002, Gusto Records acquired the back catalog of Andy Cato’s defunct Skinnymalinky imprint (refer to this earlier post for info about the label). While intending to reissue much of Skinny’s original material, Gusto only released one 12″ featuring remixes of Beat Foundation’s “Save Me.” In an effort to make up for Gusto’s disappointing failure, here’s my unofficial compilation of the few Skinnymalinky tracks ever available on CD.

UPDATE > I discovered an unreleased Skinnymalinky tune in my collection that I’d previously overlooked: Rumpus “Space Funk (The Caterpilla)” (now included as track 9 above). According to the source CD, only 50 copies were pressed and sent to select DJs in July 1998, right before the label closed up shop. Among the lucky recipients was DJ Keoki, who included “Space Funk” on his mix CD, “Inevitable Alien Nation.” Had “Space Funk” received a proper release, it would have been assigned catalog number SMR02198.

Los Del Mar – Macarena

Los Del Mar
1996 Pulse-8 Records (UK)

01. Macarena (Radio Version)
02. Macarena (Mar Fe Mix)
03. Macarena (Gregorio Mix)
04. Macarena (Beat Foundation Full Frontal Mix)
05. Macarena (Beat Foundation Infinity Dub)

INFO > No, this isn’t another April Fool’s joke. Yes, “Macarena” is one of the most annoying one hit wonders of all time, so it’s surprising to find a couple of great remixes here. When Pulse-8 licensed the single for a UK release, the label thankfully enlisted Beat Foundation to overhaul the tune as a progressive house workout—the ‘Infinity Dub’ is a hidden gem among BF’s credits.

Trivia > This is not the original “Macarena,” but rather a cover version—Spanish duo Los Del Rio wrote and recorded the song that became an international hit in 1995 and spawned the short-lived dance craze.


Bullitt – Cried To Dream

“Cried To Dream”
1996 VC Recordings (UK)

01. Cried To Dream (Amazonian Vocal) 10:04
02. Cried To Dream (Dub Mix) 08:20
03. Cried To Dream (Beat Foundation Delta Remix) 08:41
04. Cried To Dream (Beat Foundations Infinity Dub) 08:39
05. Cried To Dream (Amazonian Dub) 10:07
06. Cried To Dream (James Reid’s Radio Edit)* 03:51

*Bonus track, sourced from: Various Artists “Max Volume 1”

INFO > Bullitt was a one-off project by brothers Ben and Sam Harris, who ran dance specialty shop Casa Records in their hometown of Bromley, Kent during the 1990s. Hooking up with Dave Billing, the trio wrote and produced “Cried To Dream,” which was signed to Virgin subsidiary VC Recordings and remixed by Blue Amazon’s James Reid and Beat Foundation. Ben Harris would go on to form Dirty Vegas in 2001 and hit the charts with “Days Go By.”

NOTE > Due to a manufacturing error, all copies of this CD were pressed with a faulty TOC resulting in offset track start times; that problem has been corrected here.