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The Return Of Andy Durutti

Although still on hiatus, I decided to take a break from my break after hearing from the musically brilliant Andy Durutti. You may recall that the 2005 eponymous album by Andy’s old band, Autumn Thieves, was featured here a while back (DL link restored).

Sending good wishes for the New Year, Andy apprised me of his two new releases available through Bandcamp: “Flame Out” and “Grand By Decline.” These instrumental EPs comprise lush soundscapes, ambient noodlings, and electronic experiments—all trademarks of Andy’s distinctive style.

I encourage you to have a listen and support Andy’s work with a ‘name your price’ purchase of these fine recordings.

Here is Andy’s 2011 single, “Foreign” (free download):

Autumn Thieves

INFO > Having featured Factory Records and related rarities this past month, it seemed fitting to finish with a band very much influenced by that esteemed Manchester label. New York-based Autumn Thieves was formed in 2003 by Andrew Zuercher (aka Andy Durutti) and Courtney Hutcheson, augmented at different times by George Reyes, Ryan Freeman, and Mike Swanson. Their indie shoegaze sound is shaped by influences that include New Order, The Durutti Column, My Bloody Valentine, Saint Etienne, and others. Despite the suggestion of their name, Autumn Thieves’ music is refreshingly original and skillfully crafted.

The band’s minimal recorded output consists of this self-released eponymous album, and a follow-up EP, “Sunshine.” A limited edition of the CD came packaged in a sandpaper-covered jewelcase, paying homage to the same Situationist device employed for the sleeve of The Durutti Column’s debut album. Despite their talent, Autumn Thieves were never signed, and disbanded in 2006.

Andy Durutti has continued to produce music of quality and distinction, working as part of Bordeaux, Elika, a revived Autumn Thieves, and Luxa. He also manages Loveless Music Group, an artist performance collective, and runs Self Storage Recordings. The guy is a genius—cheers, Andy.

Download > Autumn Thieves