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Fame 90


David Bowie
“Fame 90”
1990 Rykodisc (US)
RCD5 1018

01 Fame 90 (Queen Latifah’s Rap Version) 04:10
02 Fame 90 (House Mix) 05:59
03 Fame 90 (Gass Mix) 03:40
04 Fame 90 (Hip Hop Mix) 06:01
05 Fame 90 (Absolutely Nothing Premeditated/Epic Mix) 14:25

David Bowie’s 1975 single “Fame”, co-written with John Lennon and Carlos Alomar, was revisited in 1990 as part of the ‘Sound+Vision’ back catalog reissue project. Released to promote the “Changesbowie” collection, “Fame 90” includes a subtle update by Jon Gass, along with more radical revisions from Arthur Baker and David Barratt. Additionally, another new version produced by DJ Mark James (aka The 45 King) features a young Queen Latifah. Bowie purists may have been shaking their heads at this one; however, credit The Thin White Duke for always taking chances and breaking new ground.

HELP > Anyone have the 3 track US promo CD?

Love Will Tear Us Apart (1995)

In memory of Ian Curtis (15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980).


01 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Radio Version) 03:40
02 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Original Version) 03:28
03 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Arthur Baker Remix) 04:22
04 Atmosphere 04:12
05 These Days 03:27
06 Transmission (Live at The Factory, 13 July 1979) 03:44

FACT > In 1995, Joy Division classic “Love Will Tear Us Apart” was remixed and reissued to promote the compilation “Permanence.” As was typical back then, the Canadian CD single offers the most complete content: Don Gehman’s new radio version; the original A-side mix produced at Strawberry Studios; a remix by Arthur Baker; the equally classic “Atmosphere”; B-side “These Days”; and a live recording of “Transmission.” Baker’s unusual dub style rework is digitally exclusive to the release.

I.O.U. (US Promo)


01 I.O.U. (Single Version)
02 I.O.U. (Freestyle Version)
03 I.O.U. (Pop House 12″)
04 I.O.U. (Album Version)

INFO > In the company of numerous collaborators and guest vocalists, super producer Arthur Baker recorded two LPs as Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples: “Merge” (1989) and “Give In To The Rhythm” (1991). For the latter album, Baker covered one of his own classics: Freeez’s 1983 club hit, “I.O.U.”, which Baker produced and co-wrote with studio partner John Robie.

For more of AB’s mixing board magic, head over to Off The Beat(en) Trax, where our friend Sandman recently posted “Merge.”

Mein Teil


01 Mein Teil
02 Mein Teil (You Are What You Eat Edit)
03 Mein Teil (The Return To New York Buffet Mix)
04 Mein Teil (There Are No Guitars On This Mix)

INFO > “Mein Teil” (‘My Part’), a 2004 single by industrial metal act Rammstein, was inspired by the lurid story of Armin Meiwes, whose actions branded him ‘Der Metzgermeister’ (‘The Master Butcher’). Through an online advert, Meiwes found Bernd Jürgen Brandes, a willing participant for a cannibalistic sex fantasy. The two men agreed to meet on 9 March 2001 at Meiwes’ home in Rotenburg, Germany. Their encounter began with the severing and attempted consumption of Brandes’ penis, and culminated in his death at Meiwes’ hands, all of which was videotaped. Meiwes stored Brandes’ remains in a freezer, and ate much of the body over the following year. Efforts to lure other victims attracted attention, and police made an arrest in late 2002. Convicted of manslaughter, Meiwes’ sentence was later appealed and escalated to murder after a retrial. Mahlzeit!

What Comes Naturally (US Promo)


01 What Comes Naturally (LP Version)
02 What Comes Naturally (LP Edit)
03 What Comes Naturally (Natural Underground Vocal)
04 What Comes Naturally (Naturally Philly Edit)
05 What Comes Naturally (Naturally Philly Jazz Mix)
06 What Comes Naturally (Natural Street Mix)

INFO > Scottish songstress Sheena Easton built a successful career throughout the 1980s, and by decade’s end she had fashioned herself as an R&B diva. “What Comes Naturally” is the title track from Easton’s tenth album; released as a single in 1991, the tune cracked the top 20 of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Arthur Baker’s remixes are digitally exclusive to this US promo.

Simple Rhythm


01 Simple Rhythm (12″ Vocal Version)
02 Simple Rhythm (12″ Dub Version)
03 Simple Rhythm (Funk Rap Version)
04 Simple Rhythm (Let Me See You Shake Version)

INFO > New York-based Cardiac Records operated between 1990 and 1992, specializing in house and hip hop. The label’s first release was “Simple Rhythm”, produced by Arthur Baker as Soul Rebellion. The track features vocals from Wendell Williams, who also collaborated with Baker working as Criminal Element Orchestra.