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Professional Widow


01 Professional Widow (LP Mix)
02 Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix)
03 Professional Widow (MK Mix)
04 Professional Widow (Just Da Funk Dub)
05 Professional Widow (MK Vampire Dub)
06 Professional Widow (Armand’s Instrumental)
07 Professional Widow (Bonus Beats)


01 Professional Widow (Armand’s Radio Edit)
02 Professional Widow (Mr. Roy’s 7″ Edit)
03 Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix)
04 Professional Widow (Mr. Roy’s Cosmic Cottage Mix)
05 Professional Widow (Just Da Funk Dub)

INFO > Singer-songwriter Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos) unexpectedly packed dancefloors in 1996, thanks to Armand Van Helden’s drastic revision of “Professional Widow” (subtitled ‘It’s Got To Be Big’ in Europe), in which Van Helden sliced and diced the song’s lyrics into something very different. The US single edition also includes mixes by Marc Kinchen, while the UK/EU release features Mr. Roy’s rework of Van Helden’s groove.

No-One In The World (1998)


01 No-One In The World (DJB Radio Edit)
02 No-One In The World (Mack Mongoloid Mix)
03 No-One In The World (Frankenstein UV Remix)
04 No-One In The World (Mongoloidian Killer Bees Mix)
05 No-One In The World (LP Version)
06 No-One In The World (In Slacker’s Universe – Master Mix)
07 No-One In The World (Timecode Remix)
08 No-One In The World (Original W.F.O. Mix)

INFO > London born Mark Van Hoen has been experimenting with sound for over 30 years. He was a member of Seefeel in the early-1990s, as well as that band’s offshoot project, Scala. Van Hoen has recorded as Locust since 1993; however, his original mix of “No-One In The World” was initially credited to W.F.O. and appears on volume two of the “Excursions In Ambience” series. The track borrows vocals from the Carpenters’ 1972 single “Hurting Each Other”; this 1998 reissue includes remixes from Bernard Badie, Armand Van Helden & Junior Sanchez, Frank Fallico, Shem McCauley, and Rob Playford.

Armand Van Helden – Witch Doktor (1997 Mixes)


Armand Van Helden
“Witch Doktor”
1997 ZYX Music (DE)
ZYX 8662-8 / ZYX 8662R-8

01. Witch Doktor (Ramp Radio Edit)
02. Witch Doktor (Original Radio Edit)
03. Witch Doktor (Original 12″ Mix)
04. Witch Doktor (Ramp Club Mix)
05. Witch Doktor (Greenfield’s Mega Blast)
06. Witch Doktor (Rhythm Masters Club Mix)
07. Witch Doktor (Nush Club Dub)
08. Witch Doktor (Da Junkies Remix)
09. Witch Doktor (The Dark Ages Mix)
10. Witch Doktor (The Possessed Mix)

INFO > Boston-born DJ/producer Armand Van Helden starting spinning in his teens, and honed his studio skills with the X-Mix Remix Service. Van Helden released original productions under several aliases in the early-1990s, but came to prominence with a 1994 EP featuring the original mix of “Witch Doktor.” This 1997 reissue includes Van Helden’s ‘Dark Ages’ and ‘Possessed’ mixes, along with a host of hard house reworkings.

Witch Doktor (1997)
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