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Affro Dizzy Jack


01 Affro Dizzy Jack (7″)
02 Affro Dizzy Jack (Ollie J 12″)
03 Affro Dizzy Jack (Stealth Sonic Soul Remix)
04 Affro Dizzy Jack (Pleasures On An Epic Scale Part 1)
05 Affro Dizzy Jack (This Is Not The St James Infirmary Blues Mix)
06 Affro Dizzy Jack (Professor K’s Article Dub)

INFO > Short-lived indie/dance group The Good Strawberries comprised Joel Bogen (part of Toyah’s band), Gavin Knight (drummer for The Shamen), and Rick Simmonds. The band released a couple of singles and an album in 1994. The band’s debut, “Affro Dizzy Jack”, was remixed by Ollie Jacobs, Apollo 440, and The Rapino Brothers.

She Sells


01 She Sells (7-Inch)
02 She Sells (Alternative 7-Inch Mix)
03 She Sells (Apollo 440 Mix)
04 Bide Your Time

INFO > As short-lived pop duo Banderas, vocalist Caroline Buckley and instrumentalist Sally Herbert recorded one album and three singles, all produced by Stephen Hague and released in 1991. “She Sells” was their second single, and features remixes by Apollo 440.