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Ziggarats Of Cinnamon


01 Ziggarats Of Cinnamon (The Cinnamon Love Mix)
02 Ziggarats Of Cinnamon (Cinnamon Love 7″ Edit)
03 Ziggarats Of Cinnamon (Techno Pharoah Mix)
04 Ziggarats Of Cinnamon (LP Version)
05 Habebe

INFO > “Ziggarats Of Cinnamon” was a US-exclusive single release from ‘a unique collaboration’ between Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman. Mark Kamins provides techno house makeovers of the tune, and UK single “Habebe” is appended as a bonus track.

LIVE > I’m going to see Jaz Coleman with the original Killing Joke lineup (Kevin ‘Geordie’ Walker, Martin ‘Youth’ Glover, and Paul Ferguson) perform tonight at Union Transfer in Philadelphia. The band is touring in support of a new compilation, “The Singles Collection: 1979-2012”, scheduled for release on 6 May 2013.

Minarets And Memories


01 Minarets And Memories (Mark Kamins 12″ Mix)
02 Minarets And Memories (Mark Kamins 7″ Mix)
03 Minarets And Memories (Steve Travell 12″ Dance Mix)
04 Minarets And Memories (Anne Dudley 7″ Mix)

INFO > In 1990, Anne Dudley (The Art Of Noise) teamed up with Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) to produce an album, “Songs From The Victorious City”, inspired by Cairo, Egypt, where recording sessions took place. The project’s description of ‘A Unique Collaboration’ is certainly apt, mixing traditional Middle Eastern instruments and arrangements with contemporary production elements. While Anne Dudley is well known for her orchestrations and keyboard work, I was surprised to discover that Coleman’s talents extend to violin, pipe, and flute. Three singles were released in conjunction with the project: “Minarets And Memories” (1990), “Habebe” (1991), and “Ziggarats Of Cinnamon” (1991). A belated US release of “Minarets And Memories” was issued in 1992 with new mixes by Mark Kamins.