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Angelpie – Tin Foil Valley / She


“Tin Foil Valley / She”
1993 Oxygen (UK)
GASP D12 / GASX D12 / GASP D13

01. Tin Foil Valley (7″ Mix)
02. Tin Foil Valley (Rapino Mix)
03. Tin Foil Valley (Do You Call That Music? Instrumental)
04. Tin Foil Valley (Plastic Bagism Vocal Mix)
05. Tin Foil Valley (Tangerine Pie Mix)
06. Tin Foil Valley (Rocking Horse Dub)
07. Tin Foil Valley (Serious Rope Mix)
08. Tin Foil Valley (Serious Rope Instrumental)
09. Tin Foil Valley (Serious Rope Dub)
10. She
11. Sol

2, 3 > Remixed by The Rapino Brothers
4, 5, 6 > Remixed by Jon & Helena Marsh (The Beloved)
7, 8, 9 > Remixed by Serious Rope

INFO > Angelpie comprised producer Mark Saunders, guitarist John McEvoy, and vocalist Marina Van-Rooy. The short-lived group produced two singles and an unreleased album for MCA sublabel, Oxygen. All tracks from the trio’s three CD singles are collected and re-sequenced here.

Tin Foil Valley / She