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Dina Carroll
1993 AM:PM (UK)
580 263-2

01 Express (7″ Radio Mix)
02 Express (12″ Master)
03 Special Kind Of Love (Brothers In Rhythm Remix)
04 Ain’t No Man (West End Remix)

The Pleasure Principle + Alright (1996)


Janet Jackson
“The Pleasure Principle + Alright”
1996 AM:PM (UK)
581 767-2

01 The Pleasure Principle (Legendary Club Mix)
02 The Pleasure Principle (NuFlava Vocal Dub)
03 The Pleasure Principle (Banji Dub)
04 The Pleasure Principle (D.T.’s Twilo Dub)
05 Alright (Tee’s Club Mix)
06 Alright (Tee’s Beats)

Those who grew up as part of the ‘Rhythm Nation’ may develop a few more gray hairs today, as Janet Jackson turns 50 years old. After Janet (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty) signed with Virgin in 1993, her former label A&M compiled a career retrospective—1995’s “Design Of A Decade”—and commissioned new remixes of classic singles. Issued exclusively on A&M dance subsidiary AM:PM, this release combines Danny Tenaglia reworks of “The Pleasure Principle” with Todd Terry’s take on “Alright.”

Voices Inside My Head


01 Voices Inside My Head (Ashley’s Tribal Space Mix)
02 Voices Inside My Head (Ashley’s Tribal Space Dub)
03 Voices Inside My Head (Roger’s Underground Voices)
04 Voices Inside My Head (Roger’s Voices Accapella)
05 Voices Inside My Head (E-Smoove Pump Mix)
06 Voices Inside My Head (Classic Mix)
07 Voices Inside My Head (Superministry 8AM Rulin Mix)
08 Voices Inside My Head (Roger’s Loft Mix)

INFO > With only two lines of repeated lyrics over a funky instrumental, “Voices Inside My Head” appears on The Police’s third album, 1980’s “Zenyatta Mondatta.” Fifteen years later, the track’s vocal acapella, guitar riff, and percussion became DJ tools with which to fashion radical reworks; this package features remixes by Ashley Beedle, Roger Sanchez, Eric Miller, and DJ Harvey.

Take Me By The Hand


01 Take Me By The Hand (Radio Edit)
02 Take Me By The Hand (Vocal)
03 Take Me By The Hand (Deep Mix)
04 Take Me By The Hand (I’ll Come With You Dub)
05 Take Me By The Hand (Instrumental)

INFO > Licensed from Greenlight Recordings by AM:PM in 1997, “Take Me By The Hand” is a one-off single produced by Victor Imbres as Sub•Merge, and featuring Jan Johnston on vocals.

I Like It


01 I Like It (Lisa Marie Radio Experience)
02 I Like It (Lisa Marie Vocal Experience)
03 I Like It (Fire Island Main Mix)
04 I Like It (Victor’s (Green) Light & Sexy Vocal Mix)
05 I Like It (Mark!’s Shelter Vocal)

INFO > Twenty years ago, DJ Angel Moraes set up the Hot ‘N’ Spycy imprint and started producing deep and dirty house hits like “Heaven Knows” and “Welcome To The Factory.” In 1996, Subversive picked up Moraes’ 1994 single “I Like It” and tapped Heller & Farley for new mixes; AM:PM subsequently licensed that package and added additional mixes by Lisa Marie Experience, Victor Imbres, Mark Picchiotti, and Phil Kelsey for a 1997 reissue.

Finally (US Promo)


01 Finally (7″ Mix)
02 Finally (7″ Without Rap)
03 Finally (7″ Choice Mix)
04 Finally (12″ Mix)
05 Finally (12″ Without Rap)
06 Finally (12″ Choice Mix)
07 Finally (Momo Mix)
08 Finally (Journey Mix)
09 Finally (Somedub Mix)

INFO > Cecelia Veronica Peniston burst onto the music scene with her 1991 debut, “Finally.” The single was a huge international radio and club hit, and has subsequently been remixed and reissued multiple times. This promo is chock full of digitally exclusive tracks.

NOTE > Special thanks to Andrei for this sharing this rarity.

In House Music Volume 1


01 The Sounds Of Blackness – The Pressure (Classic Mix)
02 Ce Ce Peniston – We Got A Love Thang (Silky House Thang)
03 Dina Carroll – Ain’t No Man (Brothers In Rhythm Remix)
04 World Series Of Life – Spread Love (12″ Mix)
05 Malaika – So Much Love (Choice 12″ Mix)
06 Rodeo Jones – Natural World (Organic Mix)
07 Rio – I’m Comin’ Home (Unity Mix)
08 Alexander O’Neal – Love Makes No Sense (Brothers In Rhythm)
09 The Neville Brothers – Fly Like An Eagle (Slippin Dub)
10 Ioni – Sentence Of Love (Sure Is Pure Golden Dub)
11 Uncanny Alliance – I Got My Education (7″ Radio Mix)
12 Ce Ce Peniston – Finally (12″ Choice Mix)

INFO > A&M Records issued this compilation to showcase its associated dance labels: AM:PM, Atomic, Perspective, and Tabu. Between artists and producers, there’s talent galore here: Frankie Knuckles, Steve Hurley, David Morales, Masters At Work, Sure Is Pure, and plenty more. That brilliant Brothers In Rhythm remix of “Ain’t No Man” was produced for DMC and initially only available on a limited edition promo 12″.

Masters At Work – I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95


01 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Choice Hip Hop Edit)
02 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (No Sleep Edit)
03 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Morales Late Nite Edit)
04 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Low Down Mix)
05 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (No Sleep In ’95 Mix)
06 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Ken Lou Mix)
07 I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (MK Mix)

INFO > Originally released in 1993, this house anthem by Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales and ‘Little’ Louie Vega (with India on vocals) was reissued two years later with new mixes from David Morales, Marc Kinchen, and the Masters themselves.

NOTE > Anyone have the limited edition CD single?

Sarah Washington – Heaven

Sarah Washington
1996 AM:PM Records (UK)
581 533-2

01. Heaven (Serial Diva Heavenly 7″)
02. Heaven (Serial Diva Heavenly Club)
03. Heaven (Jazz ‘N’ Groove ‘Soulfuric’ Vocal)
04. Heaven (Fathers Of Sound Vocal Mix)
05. Heaven (Serial Diva Heavenly Dub)
06. Heaven (Fathers Of Sound XS Dub)

INFO > Tom Frederikse produced this uplifting house hit for Sarah Washington. The single features stellar remixes by Serial Diva, Jazz ‘N’ Groove, and Fathers Of Sound.


Alexander O’Neal – In The Middle

Alexander O’Neal
“In The Middle”
1993 Tabu Records (UK)
587 715-2

01. In The Middle (Radio Mix)
02. In The Middle (Brown Mix)
03. In The Middle (Rapless Mix)
04. In The Middle (Brown Surround Mix)
05. In The Middle (The Qat Concept Mix)
06. In The Middle (The Glam Slam Mix)

INFO > Vocalist Alexander O’Neal was the original frontman of The Time prior to being replaced by Morris Day. O’Neal went solo and signed with noted R&B label Tabu in 1984 and produced several hits in the late-1980s. Capitalizing on his greater popularity across the pond, O’Neal relocated to the UK and experienced continued chart success in the early-1990s. “In The Middle” includes remixes by Pete Rock and Sasha.