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Follow Your Heart


01 Follow Your Heart (Reese Original Mix)
02 Follow Your Heart (MK Mix)
03 Follow Your Heart (Reese Trance Dance Mix)
04 Follow Your Heart (Komix Club Mix)
05 Follow Your Heart (Altern 8 Annihil 8 Mix)
06 Follow Your Heart (Reese Deep Space Mix)

INFO > US exclusive 1992 single from Kevin and Ann Saunderson.

Altern 8 – Brutal-8-E

Altern 8
1992 Virgin Records America (US)

01. Activ 8 (Holocaust 7″ Mix)
02. Brutal-8-E (Z-Trance Mix)
03. Brutal-8-E (Elimin-8 The Hysteria Mix)
04. Brutal-8-E (Just-4-Rick America Mix)
05. Brutal-8-E (Pieces Of 8 Mix)
06. Brutal-8-E (Jungle Brutalism Mix)
07. One For John (Strag-O-Late The Chicken Mix)

INFO > Stafford lads Mark Archer and Chris Peat formed techno duo Nexus 21 in 1989, and then morphed into Altern 8 the following year. Donning gas masks and chemical warfare suits during live performances, Altern 8 were the embodiment of rave culture, and their influential productions provided a significant soundtrack to that early-1990s movement. This US EP combines two remixes from Groove Corporation with mixes by Archer and Peat under other guises: Nexus 21, Terminal Psychosis, and DJ Nex.

NOTE > A pressing error on this release led to the inclusion of earlier single “Activ 8” in lieu of the radio edit of “Brutal-8-E.”