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Black Tie White Noise


David Bowie
“Black Tie White Noise”
1993 Savage Records (US)

01 Black Tie White Noise (Waddell’s Mix)
02 Black Tie White Noise (3rd Floor Mix)
03 Black Tie White Noise (Al B. Sure! Mix)
04 Black Tie White Noise (Album Version)
05 Black Tie White Noise (Club Mix)
06 Black Tie White Noise (Digi Funky’s Lush Mix)
07 Black Tie White Noise (Supa Pump Mix)

Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (US Promo)


Robert Palmer
“Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming” (US Promo)
1989 EMI USA (US)
DPRO 4307

01 Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Album Version)
02 Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (12″ Edit)
03 Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Westerville Mix)
04 Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Dub 1 Wild Thang)
05 Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Dub 2 Acca Dub)
06 Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Dub 3 Roey-Age)

Robert Palmer’s cover of “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming”, originally recorded by Jermaine Jackson in 1984, was released as a single in 1989 with remixes by Al B. Sure!



01 Missunderstanding (Hip Understanding Mix)
02 Missunderstanding (Radio Mix)
03 Missunderstanding (My House Is Your House Mix)
04 Missunderstanding (Al B. Ecstasy Mix)*

*Bonus track from 12″ single

INFO > In a most unlikely pairing, trancemeister Markus Löffel (aka Mark Spoon of Jam & Spoon fame) was tapped to remix this 1990 single by new jack swing crooner Albert Joseph Brown III, known professionally as Al B. Sure! (yes, including the exclamation mark). Produced with Rico Sparx, Spoon’s hip house mixes are exclusive to this German release.